OMCA Report
Dec. 26, 2014

20. Celebrating a lifetime of bus travel
The Chronicle Herald
From May 2, 2014: I've loved buses ever since, whether the sleek long-distance Greyhound coaches that carried me across the continent twice in my much-travelled 20s, or municipal buses all over the world, from tiny trolleys to massive double-deckers.More

19. In defence of escorted tours
The Telegraph
From Feb. 21, 2014: There are several aspects of travel that annoy me no end: airports' obsession with deodorant, notes in bathrooms urging me to help the hotel save the planet, food poisoning. Few things, though, irritate me as much as the contumely heaped generally upon escorted tours and specifically on coach holidays. More

18. Best Places to Travel in Canada: 2014
The Huffington Post
From Jan. 10, 2014: The word is sesquicentennial and Canadians and visitors to the country are going to hear lots about it, and a few will even learn how to properly pronounce it. In 2017, the nation marks its 150th birthday. The celebratory mood spikes this Canada Day, when the sesquicentenary of the 1864 Charlottetown Conference turns the Prince Edward Island capital into a summer party zone that will be on the itinerary of thousands of travellers.More

17. Ontario won't work with Canada Border Services Agency on road blitzes
From Oct. 17, 2014: Ontario will no longer allow the Canada Border Services Agency to join the province's road safety blitzes, which federal agents have used to make arrests on immigration violations, the government announced. Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca sent a letter to federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney saying that partnering with the CBSA "does not align" with his ministry's mandate to make roads as safe as possible. More

16. Greyhound driver assaulted at Kitchener bus terminal
CBC News
From July 4, 2014: A 35-year-old Kitchener man has been charged with assault after a Greyhound bus driver was hit in the face at the Charles Street transit terminal in downtown. A number of witnesses called police after a verbal argument between a man and the bus driver escalated into a physical altercation, said Waterloo Region Police. More

15. Police crackdown: No booze on party buses
Maple Ridge News
From June 6, 2014: The party bus industry received a stern reminder from police and the province last week to keep alcohol off their rolling discos as graduation season approaches. After six years of tirelessly lobbying the province to regulate the burgeoning industry, Julie Raymond and her daughter Danielle believe they are finally being heard.More

14. This winter, the MTO has fined all of its 21 highway contractors
The Manitoulin Expositor
From Feb. 7, 2014: It was reported that all of Ontario's 21 area maintenance providers had been fined due to poor performance standards, according to Ministry of Transportation (MTO) audits, among them Manitoulin and Sudbury roads contractor DBi Services.More

13. Coach Canada to discontinue bus service from Hamilton to Niagara
Hamilton Spectator
From Oct. 24, 2014: Coach Canada will soon end its bus service from Hamilton to Niagara region, citing unfair competition with GO Transit to the area. It will also reduce service to Kitchener and will monitor ridership due to concerns about a similar drop in demand there. More

12. Waterloo woman's Greyhound bus ordeal spurs accessibility changes
CBC News
From Feb. 14, 2014: A routine bus trip in and out of Toronto turned sour for a Waterloo woman in a wheelchair, and her experience is prompting Greyhound to improve accessibility on its buses and offer annual driver training. Chantal Huinink, a student at Wilfrid Laurier University, had gone to Toronto to see a show with a friend.More

11. Driving lessons in snow and winter conditions
By Jack Webber
From Feb. 7, 2014: Driving during the summer and winter are two completely different things. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. I have heard many stories about how such-and-such did not let the weather change how they drove. They are usually the ones who end up in the ditch at the first sign of snow. More