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Jan. 23, 2014

Ontario Government invests in Community Paramedicine
Chris Hood, President
Congratulations to the Ontario Association of Paramedic Chiefs (OAPC) and the Ontario Paramedicine community on the Community Paramedicine announcement on January 21, by the Ontario Minister of Health, Deb Matthews. This historic event in Canadian Paramedicine is a strong vote of confidence in the competence of the paramedic profession.

The Paramedic Association of Canada applauds the Ontario Government for investing in the expansion of Community Paramedicine programs to improve access to home care and community support services for seniors and other patients with chronic conditions.More

Ontario expanding community role for paramedics
Government of Ontario
Ontario is supporting the expansion of community paramedicine programs to improve access to home care and community support services for seniors and other patients with chronic conditions. The province is investing $6 million to support the expansion and development of community paramedicine initiatives across the province. More

National Canadian Paramedic Memorial Monument
Canadian Paramedic Benevolent Society
The Canadian Paramedic Benevolent Society has adopted as one of its goals, the establishment of a National Canadian Paramedic Memorial Monument to honour all past, present and future Canadian Paramedics who dedicate themselves to the well-being of those in need. This Monument shall also display the names of our colleagues who have died in the line of duty. Be sure to support the Canadian Paramedic Benevolent Society.More

Remembering Tim Jones
Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia
It is with tremdendous sadness we inform you that Unit Chief Tim Jones has passed away suddenly in North Vancouver. Tim was the Chief at station 256 in North Vancouver and worked as an Advanced Life Support Paramedic for 32 years with the British Columbia Ambulance Service. Aside from his service with the BCAS, Tim was well-known for his many years of dedication to the North Shore Search & Rescue team. More

Community Paramedicine in Ontario
Government of Ontario
Community Paramedicine allows paramedics to apply their training and skills beyond the traditional role of providing emergency response. Working in collaboration with other healthcare professionals, community paramedics provide services that help patients, like seniors with complex conditions, to live independently in their homes and communities.More

Bowen's new ambulance comes with new computer, but lacks GPS updates
Ambulance Paramedics of British Columbia
B.C. Ambulance Service Station 225 was unusually busy in the lead up to New Year's Eve this year. Paramedic Brendan Donohue says that during his shift, he responded to four calls, which, he says, is unusual during the typically slow winter season. Donohue drove to those calls in the station's new ambulance, which is equipped with a computer-aided dispatch system. What the new system does not offer is updated software for the GPS system that ensures the ambulance drivers take the most direct route to emergency locations.More

Video: Bring Me Back
Paramedic Association of New Brunswick
Written and recorded by paramedic Dave Myles. This video was produced by the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick. Have you been brought back by a paramedic? Share your story with us via email ( Thanks for watching; share this with someone today! More

The feasibility of civilian pre-hospital trauma teams carrying and administering packed red blood cells
Emergency Medicine Journal
A retrospective cohort study, examining 18 months of historical data collated by the Queensland Ambulance Service Trauma Response Team and the Pathology Queensland Central Transfusion Laboratory was undertaken. The objective was to evaluate the feasibility, limitations and costs involved in providing prehospital trauma teams with packed red blood cells for use in the prehospital setting. More

Paramedics show warm hearts during cold with free shovelling service
AM 980
A group of local paramedics isn't letting blisteringly cold conditions stop them from warming hearts across the city. Officials with Middlesex London EMS recently formed what they're calling a Random Act of Kindness Team and their first mission is already underway. Local paramedics are offering free snow shovelling to those in need.More

Sounding alarm on ambulance off-load times
Petrolia Topic
Petrolia's mayor is sounding the alarm about how often paramedics are stranded at emergency departments, waiting for beds to become available for patients in their care. Every minute ambulances are parked in ERs ties them up from emergencies happening elsewhere in Sarnia-Lambton, says John McCharles. "This really shouldn't be happening," he said. "This is a hospital problem and it's reflecting back on the community."More

Snow-covered roads delay ambulance in Waddens Cove
CBC News
A family in Waddens Cove, Cape Breton is raising concerns after it took an ambulance more than an hour to reach the house because of snow on the roads. A 76-year-old woman on Waddens Cove road, located about 30 minutes from Glace Bay, was having trouble breathing. Bernie MacDonald, a relative, said the woman's son was waiting for the road to be cleared before taking her to the hospital.More

High risks, high rewards: Why was STARS service suspended?
Winnipeg Free Press
Manitoba's Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society (STARS) helicopter air ambulance service is the only one of its kind in North America known to have been temporarily suspended because of concerns over patient safety. And one U.S. expert says if the province imposes further dispatch restrictions on STARS following its review, it could essentially neuter the helicopter emergency medical service and create a potential barrier to patient care. More

Mental and physical strain on first responders high, few make it to retirement
Ottawa Sun
If you're working as a paramedic, chances are slim you'll make a career of it. In fact, the retirement rate for paramedics in Canada is among the lowest of all professions, with just four per cent reaching retirement age. Rates are similarly low in Ottawa, where the norm is just one paramedic retirement a year — out of a fleet of 450 — over the last dozen years, said Coun. Mark Taylor, head of the city's emergency and protective services committee. More

Paramedics revive construction worker
Ottawa Citizen
Ottawa paramedics revived a construction worker who was showing no vital signs when they responded to a call at the Marriott Hotel recently. The victim, in his 50s, showed no signs of injury, but paramedics initiated "aggressive advanced life support care" procedures. The man was removed from the construction site.More

STARS lottery raises much needed funds for air ambulance service
Calgary Sun
Thousands of prizes, totalling more than $5.6 million, await lucky winners at this year's STARS lottery. Officials with the air ambulance company launched the 21st annual lottery with more than 3,200 prizes to be won. The annual lottery, expected to raise $11 million this year, is the company's single largest source of funding in Alberta, helping critically ill and injured patients across the province.More

Ambulance Victoria CEO: Thanks
Ambulance Victoria
Ambulance Victoria CEO Greg Sassella has thanked paramedics and the community for their efforts during the recent Australian heatwave. A record 2553 triple zero ambulance calls answered by the Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA), an increase of about 30 per cent on the recent call volume. Another recent 2506 ambulance triple zero calls was the second highest number of ambulance calls ever answered by ESTA.More

Blood in the sky: The growing trend of transfusing patients in the air
By Mark Huber
In December, the BC Ambulance Service in Canada became the latest in a growing number of HEMS operators worldwide to carry blood — packed red blood cells — on board its helicopters. Transfusing patients in the air is nothing new, but now the practice is spreading worldwide, albeit slowly. Numerous studies have shown O-negative — the universally accepted WD40 of the human circulatory system — oxygenates the organs and appears to provide greater patient benefit than just keeping the plumbing running with bags of saline. More

Video: Paramedic regulation in the United Kingdom
Paramedics Australia
Jonathan Bracken presents on the history of Health Practitioner Regulation in the United Kingdom and the moves which resulted in the inclusion of Paramedics in the scope of the Health Professions Council. He provides an overview of the contemporary challenges of regulation facing the Paramedic profession in the U.K. and provides some insight into the potential journey for Australian and New Zealand Paramedics on their regulatory agenda.More

Paramedics held at knife-point inside flat after responding to 999 call
Manchester Evening News
Two paramedics were held hostage at knife-point inside a flat after responding to a 999 call. The terrified ambulance workers were detained against their will inside the property in Greater Manchester, England for a harrowing 90 minutes. It is unclear at this stage if the police or paramedics attended first — or how the ambulance workers came to be held hostage.More