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May. 8, 2014

National Day of Honour
On May 9th, Canadians will mark the end of Canada's military mission in Afghanistan with a National Day of Honour. The Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) would like to join all Canadians in paying tribute to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice along with those who bear the wounds of war. Paramedics extend our deepest respect to those families who carry the burden for those fallen or wounded soldiers. Paramedics across Canada extend to our Med Tech Colleagues in the Royal Canadian Medical Service (RCMS) a debt of gratitude for their service. More

National Occupational Competency Profile Redevelopment Initiative Steering Committee update as of April 27-28, 2014
PAC embarked upon an ambitious initiative to redevelop the NOCP for Emergency Medical Responders, Primary Care Paramedics, Advanced Care Paramedics and Critical Care Paramedics in July 2013. Led by Pierre Poirier, PAC's Executive Director, the Steering Committee includes subject matter experts across the country in regulation, government, academia, executive management, accreditation, the international paramedic community, and other practice settings.More

Paramedics want advanced care training recognized
CBC News
The group representing paramedics in New Brunswick wants the provincial government to recognize their advanced care members. Chris Hood, executive director and registrar of the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick, says this is the only province in Canada that does not do so and he contends it's hurting both patient care and the health system.More

Ex-paramedic: No medical benefit to having firefighters answer some calls
The Province
The latest response plan implemented by B.C. Emergency Health Services has received a healthy endorsement from a former paramedic and expert on emergency care, but a fire chief says patients are now waiting almost twice as long for an ambulance. Alan Craig's report on the Emergency Health Services resource allocation plan finds patients' needs are being met and B.C. is a leader among emergency medical service systems.More

Occupational injury risk among Australian paramedics: An analysis of national data
Medical Journal of Australia
Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel (paramedics) are a critical component of both the emergency health care and the disaster response systems. In Australia, they respond to three million calls for emergency medical assistance each year. They are also involved in disaster planning, preparedness and response, as well as health promotion and injury prevention programs.More

Vitals shows horrors of an EMS worker's day
Toronto Star
A statuesque red-headed woman sat me down in a lawn chair, handed me an ice cream cone and then waited for me to die. That's just one of the many things you can expect if you go to Vitals, the new play by Rosamund Small that Outside the March and Theatre Passe Muraille are opening shortly at a house right near Roncesvalles and Queen in Toronto.More

Introducing the NEW National EMS Research Network
One of the recommendations from the 2013 Canadian National EMS Research Agenda was to establish a network for those interested in EMS research in Canada. The network was launched in October 2013! Over the last several months, those on the network email list were asked to vote in several polls to identify the name, vision, goals and values of the network. More

Paramedic Association of Manitoba — Self-regulation update
It's been quite some time since we've communicated to members about the status of our application for self-regulation. There's been a recent development that may be unknown to you, or misinterpreted by some, so it's a good time to ensure everyone has the facts.More

Pre-hospital clearance of the cervical spine: Does it need to be a pain in the neck?
National Center for Biotechnology Information
Pre-hospital cervical spine (c‐spine) immobilization is common, despite c‐spine injury being relatively rare. Unnecessary immobilization results in a significant burden on limited pre-hospital and emergency department (ED) resources. This study aimed to determine whether the incidence of unnecessary c‐spine immobilization by ambulance personnel could be safely reduced through the implementation of an evidence‐based algorithm. More

Mapping the use of simulation in pre-hospital care: A literature review
Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation & Emergency Medicine
High-energy trauma is rare and, as a result, training of pre-hospital care providers often takes place during the real situation, with the patient as the object for the learning process. Such training could instead be carried out in the context of simulation, out of danger for both patients and personnel. The aim of this study was to provide an overview of the development and foci of research on simulation in pre-hospital care practice.More

Safety sessions for police and ambulance
B.C. Hydro
B.C. Hydro offers free Electrical Safety Awareness sessions for police and ambulance personnel who face electrical hazards on the job. As a police officer or paramedic, you often find yourself facing electrical hazards in emergency situations. Our free Electrical Safety Awareness session will help you evaluate risks and make decisions to keep yourself and the public safe.More

New Brampton paramedic services hub build underway
Daily Commercial News
As the Region of Peel undertakes an ambitious program of building new paramedic stations to meet the growing healthcare needs of the community, construction is well underway on a facility in Brampton, ON that combines several functions under one roof. More

Shock at paramedic injury risks
MJA InSight
Australian paramedics are seven times more likely to be seriously injured in the course of their job than the national average, and are five times more likely to die, according to a leading expert. Professor Brian Maguire, from Central Queensland University's school of medical and applied sciences, was lead author on research published in the Medical Journal of Australia, which also found that paramedics were twice as likely to be injured on the job as police officers.More