PBUS News Update
Feb. 7, 2013

Electronic tracking bill clears Mississippi Senate panel
The Associated Press via The Sun Herald
Offenders who violate Mississippi's sex crime registration law could be subject to electronic monitoring under a bill headed to the state Senate. The Senate Judiciary A Committee approved S.B. 2732. State Sen. Will Longwitz, R-Madison, says the bill does not apply to all sex offenders. He says it is limited to those who fail to register as required or fail to notify authorities when they move.More

PBUS 2013 Conference update
Back by popular demand: Jon Gibson and his band, whom we first heard in San Diego, will provide the music at our Gala Dinner.

And, Special PBUS discounts on restaurants at the Mirage: All you need is your attendee badge to get 20 percent off at Cravings, Samba, CPK, Carnegie Deli and 15 percent off at Onda. More

Report: Federal judges issuing more sentences below recommended guidelines
Sentencing Law and Policy Blog
Federal judges are more likely these days to impose sentences below those recommended in advisory guidelines, the U.S. Sentencing Commission says. The rate of penalties within the guideline range has dropped from 70.1 percent in 1995 to 53.9 percent in 2011. Sentences for fraud and child pornography increasingly have diverged from the guidelines, the panel says in a report posted on the Sentencing Law and Policy blog.More

Prison population can shrink when police crowd streets
The New York Times
Now that the United States has the world's highest reported rate of incarceration, many criminologists are contemplating another strategy. What if America reverted to the penal policies of the 1980s? What if the prison population drastically shrank? What if money now spent guarding cellblocks instead was used for policing the streets? In short, what would happen if the rest of the country followed New York City's example? As the American prison population has doubled in the past two decades, the city has been a remarkable exception to the trend: The number of its residents in prison has shrunk. More

Former Bengals cheerleader forced to wear ankle bracelet
USA Today
The ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader and high school teacher who pleaded guilty in October of having a sexual relationship with a student will have a new accessory as part of her wardrobe because of a parole violation in January. Sarah Jones reportedly will have to wear an electronic monitoring device after breaking a condition of her plea deal that struck her to remain in her native Kentucky without her parole officer's permission. More

'State of Sentencing 2012' report on policy, practice is released
The Sentencing Project
State lawmakers in at least 24 states adopted 41 criminal justice policies in 2012 that may contribute to downscaling prison populations and eliminating barriers to re-entry while promoting effective approaches to public safety. This report provides an overview of recent policy reforms in the areas of sentencing, probation and parole, collateral consequences and juvenile justice. More

Justice Department seeks applicants for researching probation/parole outcomes
U.S. Department of Justice
The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice is seeking applications for research on the impact probation/parole officer home visits have on offender outcomes, specifically what practices agencies are using, what offender outcomes can be attributed to these practices and what dosage is needed to achieve these outcomes. This program furthers the department's mission by sponsoring research to provide objective, independent, evidence-based knowledge and tools to meet the challenges of crime and justice, particularly at the state and local levels.More