PBUS News Update
Feb. 28, 2014

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

I want to thank you all for joining us in Las Vegas for the 2014 Winter Conference. It was truly inspiring to see our conference slogan — Bail Agents Standing Together — playing out right before our eyes.

So in honor of Bail Agents Standing Together to make a difference in communities around the country, this week we will be looking back at the best of those stories so far this year.More

Viriginia bail bond agent shines at Christmas time
When most people think of Santa's helpers they think of small elves with pointy ears singing Christmas carols. Well, in Richmond, Va., Santa's biggest helper is not an elf, but rather a bail bond agent. More

Texas bail bond agent is a mom on a mission for the holidays
Texas bail bond agent, Kellye Cooper of AAA Bail Bonds, just might be the biggest mom in Texas. And when we say biggest, we are talking about the size of her heart. Cooper is a military mom that has committed herself to making sure that those serving are country are not forgotten during the holidays. More

Bondsman helps track down sex offender in Oregon
CBS News
Morgan County Sheriff Jim Petty said a bail bondsman provided information about a phone number for Timothy Register, and the phone was traced to the motel in Bend, Oreg., which led to his capture. More

Oklahoma County Bondsman Association helps family at Christmas
Ronald Banton died a hero, saving his son by shielding him when they were struck by a drunk driver. The youngster walked away without a scratch. At 5 years old, he still doesn't completely understand what happened. But when members of the Oklahoma County Bondsman Association heard the Bantons' story, they cut a check for $500 to help buy Christmas gifts or anything else the family needed. More

Texas bondsman improving public perception through professionalism
San Angelo LIVE
Although most people will live their whole lives without needing a bail bond, bondsmen play a vital role in the American criminal justice system. The service they provide helps people who have been incarcerated return to their lives until they have their day in court, thus easing the growing problems associated with jail overcrowding.

"The overwhelming majority of our clients are not hardened criminals," says Louie Perez, owner of Concho Bail Bonds. "They are just regular people who may have made a mistake." More

1 of New York City's 'foremost' bondsmen profiled
The Journal News
Ira Judelson said his biggest challenge as a bondsman is separating his role as a family man — Judelson has a wife and three young children — and dealing with sexual cases. "I become a father and a vigilante before I become a bail bondsman, and I have to learn that that’s not the way to go," he said. More

Idaho couple open new bail bonds shop
Idaho State Journal
The owners of A-Affordable Bail Bonds Idaho, Rulon and Rebecca Evans, ask that all of their agents follow the "Golden Rule" — an ethic of reciprocity. "We ask them to treat clients the way they would want to be treated if they were in their shoes. This reciprocal treatment applies to how we interact with jail staff and the defendant’s family members as well," explains Rulon Evans. More

The world's best bounty hunter is 4-foot-11, here's how she hunts
At 4-foot-11 and just over 100 pounds, Michelle Gomez doesn't look like the sort of person you'd hire to retrieve earth-moving equipment stolen by a Peruvian crime family. But in the summer of 2013, that's exactly what Gomez was doing. More