PBUS News Update
Mar. 12, 2015

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

We continue announcing our award winners at the 2015 PBUS Winter Conference, Membership Meeting & Expo held Feb. 22-25.

David Stuckman was awarded the Bail Agent of the Year award. The Bail Agent of the Year award receives many nominations and is often the highest honor a bail agent can receive.

Stuckman is a Master Certified Bail Agent and the Midwest Director on the PBUS Board of Directors. He has been licensed as a bail agent since 1986 after working for several years as a bounty hunter in Manhattan, Kansas. He has served as a board member and committee member for the Kansas Bail Agents Association and continues to give tirelessly to the bail profession and particularly to PBUS.

Stuckman routinely volunteers using his own time and resources to scout out various locations for the PBUS winter conference and midyear meeting and has now taken on the Chairmanship for PBUS' convention committee. You only need to ask Stuckman once and he will gladly assist with any PBUS need!

Congratulations to David on this prestigious award!More

State Association News
The Oklahoma Bondsman Association will hold a board meeting at 10 a.m. on March 19 at the association office located at 222 Northeast 27th Street, Oklahoma City.

The Associated Bail Agents of Tulsa will hold a meeting at 11 a.m. at the David L. Moss Center/Training Room on March 23. More

$3.6 million bond for rape suspect is highest that judge has ever set
The Columbus Dispatch
The highest bond that a judge says he has ever handed down — $3.6 million — was set for a 33-year-old man charged with raping a 12-year-old girl in a West Side alley. More

Lawmakers propose $100 cap for bail bond processing fees
A bipartisan alliance of local elected officials has proposed changing the way bail bonds are processed, to make paying bail fairer. If a criminal defendant posts bail to go free pending trial, county clerks across the state keep 10 percent of the money as a processing fee, no matter the crime, even if charges are later dropped.More

The smart way to keep people out of prison
We're hampered by the rampant perception that all we need is to wise up and stop incarcerating people for simply possessing drugs, something many of us feel shouldn't be a crime at all and certainly shouldn't merit prison time. Someone who has actually studied the matter closely pointed out at an event what experts know and most journalists apparently don't: Relatively few people are in prison for simple possession or for other minor crimes. The shock in the room was palpable.More

Court says Metro must turn over inmate phone records
Las Vegas Sun
The Nevada Supreme Court ruled that the state's public records law applies to telephone calls made by jail inmates in Las Vegas. The court said Metro Police must compile and turn over an estimated 6,100 pages of records to Blackjack Bonding Inc., which sought information regarding calls made to other bail bonds companies.More

Man acting as bail bond agent gets 30 months in state prison
My Panhandle
The Florida Department of Financial Services' Division of Insurance Fraud announced Chris Smith of Panama City pled no contest to three charges of acting as a bail bond agent without a license and one charge of burglary. He has been sentenced to 30 months in a state prison, which will be served concurrently with a previous sentence of 60 months for witness tampering in a related case led by the Bay County Sheriff's Office. More

The DOJ's Ferguson report shows why our bail system is a disaster
"It's only three days." That's what a court staffer in Ferguson, Missouri, told the Department of Justice when asked why they don't track the time a person spends behind bars before their case is heard by a judge. More