PBUS News Update
Mar. 26, 2015

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

We continue announcing our award winners at the 2015 PBUS Winter Conference, Membership Meeting & Expo held Feb. 22-25.

The next awardee of the prestigious Hall of Fame award, which honors individuals who have been in the business for 30 or more years, recognizes an individual that quietly remains in the background but is extremely successful in the bail bond business. The Hall of Fame award recognizes bail agents who, "through their deeds and actions exemplify the true meaning of the title of bail agent."

For over 35 years, our awardee has been someone that has respected his duties as a bail agent and has stressed two important strategies that bail agents and bail agencies should exemplify everyday: Integrity and Respect. Our awardee started in the bail industry as a second career but became a driving force in his community through trust, hard work and excellent customer service. He enjoys working everyday along side his son and daughter, his daughter-in-law and two grandchildren.

PBUS was pleased to welcome Greg Padilla, Sr. with Greg Padilla Bail Bonds into the PBUS Hall of Fame. Congratulations to Greg Sr. and his family! More

Is a lifetime of involuntary GPS monitoring constitutional?
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Unlicensed bounty hunters are illegal
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Suge Knight collapses in courtroom after bail is set at $25 million
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