PBUS News Update
Apr. 24, 2014

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

Here we come Nashville!

Planning continues for the 2014 mid-year meeting at the wonderful Gaylord Opryland Resort! Several of our exhibitors will be giving class presentations on their products along with other interesting breakout sessions and general sessions. The PBUS committees are also planning fun and exciting evening activities for conference attendees on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. We will be having our reception and dinner on Monday evening in the beautiful Water’s Edge atrium in the Gaylord. A perfect location for a casual dinner with friends!

If you haven’t already done so, please make your conference reservation as soon as possible, as our room block is almost full.

Looking forward to an exciting mid-year meeting! More

The 2015 raffle is...
Yes, planning is underway for the 2014 Mid-Year Meeting in Nashville, but we're also already looking ahead to the 2015 Winter Meeting in Las Vegas...

So we're excited to announced the 2015 raffle prize is a seven-day, six-night Jamaican vacation at the all-inclusive Secrets resort at St. James Mo Bay, including a $600 airfare credit! More

Fiesta crimes: Bail bonds companies see spike in assaults, prostitution
In the midst of Fiesta in Texas, not everyone ends up partying responsibly, and some people will end their night behind bars. But it's not just drinking and driving that's landing people in jail. Down at River City Bail Bonds, employees are staying busy helping people get out of jail during Fiesta. According to a couple of San Antonio bail bonds companies, while DWI is a prevalent crime during Fiesta, so is assault. More

ABA release standards — who does them best?
Behind the Paper with Jerry Watson
Jerry Watson says: "There are certain very real and extremely important conditions that must be attached to every release pending trial, and if these conditions are not present in each case then the system — as far as that particular case is concerned — is at substantial risk of failure."More

Can posting bail hurt your credit?
ABC News
Most people borrow money to pay bail. And chances are, "What's this going to do to my credit?" is low on the list of things stunned parents are worrying about. The good news is that's probably OK, because any effects would be indirect.More

Setting the record straight on the true cost of bail reform
Eric Granof discusses the true cost of bail reform and shares important insights from Dr. Robert Morris' study out of the Univeristy of Texas at Dallas. Morris' study showed that every time a defendant fails to appear for trial there is a cost to the county of $1,775. Over a single year, these costs can skyrocket into the millions of dollars wasted because of a defendant's failure to appear for court. More

Bids to shorten prison terms get bipartisan support — and opposition
Los Angeles Times
Now, as the U.S. Senate prepares to take up the most far-reaching changes in years to federal sentencing and parole guidelines, some conservative Republicans are flipping sides. They are driven by concerns about the rising cost of caring for prisoners and calls for compassion from conservative religious groups seeking to rehabilitate convicts. More

Prisons using sophisticated software to predict how parolees will behave
Business Insider
Help may be at hand, in the form of "risk assessment" software, which crunches data to estimate the likelihood a prisoner will re-offend. Such software tends to increase the proportion of applicants who are granted parole while also reducing the proportion who re-offend. More

Oregon prisons push inmate-family visits to keep prisoners from coming back
The Oregonian
Oregon prison officials have worked for two years to improve connections between inmates and their families, a response to studies that show prisoners who get visits from loved ones are less likely to return to prison. More