PBUS News Update
Jun. 18, 2015

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall
2015 Mid-Year Breakout Session Summaries:
'I Didn't Know That!' Bail Laws Throughout the US

What makes a "good bail state?" What makes a "bad bail state?"

How come a bond that would be perfect in your own jurisdiction is a disaster when it's posted somewhere else as a transfer bond?

We will discuss interesting laws in particular states throughout the country — some that may be unusual, unique, or flat-out crazy. What you don't know can hurt you. You may be a risk of having to pay the entire bond forfeiture even when you timely return your fugitive to justice.

A panel of experts from the bail industry will talk informally and openly about current and past legislative efforts in different jurisdictions across the country — things that worked, and others that didn't go quite as planned.

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Looking forward to another successful PBUS mid-year meeting! See you in Colorado!More

After bounty hunter shootout, a look at Florida's bail bondsmen's rights
Bail bondsman ... what rights should they have? A well-known musician, shot and killed in Tennessee by a bounty hunter, is sparking a debate over the collecting methods of bail bondsmen. What rights do bounty hunters, or bail bondsmen as they're known here in Florida, have? More

Bondsmen feel new bond system puts public at risk
New Mexico bondsmen say new rules from the state's Supreme Court are not only killing their business, they're also putting the public at risk.More

New plan could speed up bond reduction process for bikers
Bikers who are currently at the McLennan County Jail on a $1 million bond could have their bonds reduced without a hearing with a new plan approved. Defense attorneys and prosecutors will have the option to submit written arguments to the court about the bond amount they believe is appropriate for each individual case.More

Bail in America: A push for reform
The New York Times
Every day, thousands of people, primarily minorities, sit in Cook County's jail, not because they have been found guilty or pose a threat to their community, but because they are too poor to pay their bail. This devastates individual lives and communities and costs taxpayers more than $500 million every year, money that could be better spent elsewhere.More

Rethinking bail: Protecting the public and the pocketbook
The Shawnee News-Star
Even as local government budgets become leaner, policymakers struggle to balance the ledger. One area of spending continues to be a burden with no real end in sight — corrections. A significant amount of local revenue goes toward corrections — the local county jail — and half of those costs can be attributed to inmates in pretrial detention.More

New York prison worker Joyce Mitchell charged with helping inmates escape
Prison worker Joyce Mitchell is in custody, accused of aiding in a daring prison escape. The two convicted killers she allegedly helped are free, but on the run. Mitchell allegedly provided Richard Matt and David Sweat with the tools to cut through cell walls for their escape from an upstate New York prison a week ago. More

The American bounty hunter becomes an endangered species
It's just after 4 p.m., and the late-afternoon clouds have grown dark with rain. Fast-witted and sharp-tongued Tushina Crum, 31 years old, has spent the whole day with her petite, pierced junior partner, Ileana Zamudio, pounding on doors in search of a man we'll call Daniel. The women finally have a promising lead. More