PBUS News Update
Jun. 26, 2014

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

The 2014 Mid-Year meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, may well be the largest attended mid-year meeting to date! Registrations are being made every day so if you haven’t registered yet, do so NOW before the early-bird deadline ends June 30!

Tuesday night of the mid-year meeting will feature an entertaining honky-tonk saloon party at the legendary Nashville Palace! This fun-filled night is possible due to the generous sponsorships by PBUS' surety company members Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, AIA Family of Companies, American Surety Company, Bail USA, Lexington National Insurance Corporation and Roche Surety and Casualty Company. Enjoy delicious hors d' oeuvres and outstanding entertainment and special drink prices at $6 each.

The evening’s main entertainment will be provided by Chris Janson, an accomplished singer and songwriter, dynamic multi-instrumentalist, compelling vocalist and an unforgettable entertainer who will present a one-of-a-kind concert to our attendees. Chris came to Nashville at age 18 and pleaded with the doorman at the legendary Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge for the chance to sing one song with the house band. Not long after he had finished singing "Folsom Prison Blues," the lounge's owner offered him a job.

On one memorable night that looked like a convention of Music Row executives, he was offered record, publishing, booking and management deals. He toured Europe with Lynyrd Skynyrd and Hank Williams, Jr., he has shared the stage with Merle Haggard and Florida Georgia Line and has written with Rodney Crowell and Duff McKagan, among others. Chris Janson is most impressive on stage, bringing an array of strengths into the spotlight. Don’t miss this memorable concert by such a dynamic entertainer!

Remember: The early-bird registration ends June 30, 2014! Please make sure you sign-in as a member before registering for the conference to get the member conference rates! If you are not yet a PBUS member, I encourage you to join our national association and network with bail agents across the country. More

All in a day's work: Elko bail agents track their bonds
Elko Daily Free Press
On any given day, a bail agent’s job can be filled with menial office tasks: phone calls, paper work and filing. But when a defendant doesn’t show up in court, his or her file is marked “failure to appear” or FTA — an acronym bondsmen commonly used as a verb — and the agent risks losing money.More

Bail bonding agents face long hours, stiff competition
The Daily Times
In television dramas, an actor playing a judge will preside over a case where a heinous crime is committed, and mouth the words, "Bail is set for $50,000." The actor playing the person charged is now suddenly out on the streets, and plotting revenge on the person who put them in that position. It could make a person wonder where they get the money to stay out of jail. In the real world, most common people wouldn't have to pay that much to stay out of jail, and that's where the business of bail bonding becomes more important than ever.More

Charleston County to resume electronic monitoring as bond court option
Circuit court judges in Charleston County, South Carolina, will be able to specify electronic monitoring as a condition of being released on bond beginning July 1. The county will offer the service and the necessary equipment through Georgia-based Offender Management Services, according to a memo from Judge Roger M. Young, Sr., in the Ninth Judicial Circuit Court.More

California Gov. Jerry Brown's prison reforms haven't lived up to his billing
Los Angeles Times
Nearly 15 months after launching what he called the "boldest move in criminal justice in decades," California Gov. Jerry Brown declared victory over a prison crisis that had appalled federal judges and stumped governors for two decades. The numbers tell a different story. Today, California is spending nearly $2 billion a year more on incarceration than when Brown introduced his strategy in 2011. The prisons are still overcrowded, and the state has been forced to release inmates early to satisfy federal judges overseeing the system. More

Texas DA, bondsmen tangle over whether bail board exists; $3 million missing
The Monitor
If a bail bond board doesn’t meet, does it exist — or not? Two different interpretations to that question have caused confusion in Rio Grande City, Texas, that ultimately resulted in an estimated $3 million missing from the district attorney’s coffers, temporarily knocking some bail bondsmen out of business.More

Nebraska officials begin prison overhaul effort
Top officials from all three branches of Nebraska government will look at ways to reduce prison crowding and costs, while maintaining public safety. Nebraska officials and the Council of State Governments began a formal review of the prison system. The study will examine alternatives to incarceration, such as probation and drug courts.More

Police: K9 tracks bail bondsman escapee to Port-A-Potty
A woman who escaped from custody by jumping from a moving vehicle in North Shreveport, Louisiana, is back in custody, after a police dog tracked her down in a nearby Port-A-Potty. The prisoner is identified as 40-year-old Shanna Thomas. According to A Pleasant Bail Bonds office manager Tammy Wilson, Thomas had a court date in Caddo Parish on a charge of second degree aggravated assault. Thomas is accused of running over her husband. More

Southern civil rights leader stumbles into NJ bail reform debate
Given the strong support for bail reform from the NAACP and other prominent black leaders in New Jersey, it’s confounding to see the head of a historic civil rights organization founded by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. suddenly appear and try to derail the legislation on behalf of the bail bonds industry. More