PBUS News Update
Sep. 3, 2015

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

Professional Bail Agents of the U.S. supports California efforts to protect the integrity of our profession
The bail industry has a long and historic partnership within the criminal justice system. The Professional Bail Agents of the United States stands behind the principles of integrity, professionalism and quality that bail agents across the nation should honor.

As with every industry, the bail industry will have its share of bad actors — such behavior will not be tolerated or condoned by the hard working men and women who perform their duties legally every day across this nation.More

Message from the Nominating Committee Chair
Gene Newman

Call for Nominations for the 2016 Board of Directors
Nominations for the 2016 Board of Directors must be sent to Gene Newman no later than Friday, Feb. 5 at 5 p.m. EST in order to be listed on the pre-printed ballots. Newman's email address is bailsouth@aol.com. For complete election information and requirements go to www.pbus.com.More

5 Bay Area counties involved in bail agent sweep that led to more than 30 arrests
San Jose Mercury News
The largest sweep ever by the Department of Insurance resulted in the arrest of 30 bail agents from across five Northern California counties on suspicion of numerous felonies for illegal business practices, including employing a felon as a bounty hunter and paying inmates for information, officials announced. More

Officials look to tougher laws to enforce protective orders
Daily Caller
The piece of paper with the judge's order to stay away from her wasn't enough. The 41-year-old man's disregard for the law hadn't changed. But one thing did make him stop — an ankle monitor tracking his every move.More

Proposal would allow judges to deny bail in some instances
New Mexico Political Report
An official from New Mexico's Administrative Office of the Courts and a state senator announced a proposed amendment to the New Mexico Constitution that would change the bail process in New Mexico.More

IMPD trains officers on working with mentally ill suspects, citizens
It is difficult to calculate the amount of crime attributable to mental illness, but the Marion County Sheriff's department says 40 percent of jail inmates are classified as mentally ill. Every day, the jail staff distributes 700 prescriptions to treat a variety of mentally illnesses.More

Hundreds In Connecticut jailed on bonds of less than $20,000
Hartford Courant
Of the thousands of people in pretrial detention in Connecticut on any given day, more than 500 are held on bond of $20,000 or less, meaning that they cannot come up with the money to contract with bondsmen who typically charge 10 percent.More

Ascension Parish Court bail system discriminates against the poor, who may languish in jail for days or weeks
The Advocate
Ascension Parish's bail procedures keep poor criminal defendants accused of traffic and other petty crimes in jail for days or weeks in violation of their constitutional rights, a new class-action lawsuit brought by public interest civil rights attorneys claims.More