PBUS News Update
Sep. 5, 2013

Celebrate 'Bail Month' this September with the facts
Allegheny Casualty International Fidelity Associated Bond
If the pretrial community wants to declare September "Bail Month," then I think the bail community should fully embrace and endorse their call to action. I move that — during the month of September — the bail industry dispense and share "our" collective knowledge and research with those in the criminal justice system. We need to make sure that the real "statistics" are being shared so that local jurisdictions can make the best criminal justice decisions possible. It is time for the bail community to stand up and be heard and I can’t think of a better time to do so. After all, it is "Bail Month." More

Best practices for skip-tracing
Alex Price
Alex Price says: "Since my retirement from active skip-tracing eight years ago, I now have the opportunity to sit back and observe the industry closely. Since I've taken on a teaching and training role — reaching a new generation of skip-tracers with MasterFiles — I see much talk and concern on the topic of best practices and compliance. To the latecomers I say, 'Welcome to the party!' To those of you who have spent an entire career making sure that your company and your team are well-trained and educated in the local, state and federal regulations, this subject is nothing new."More

Local Wyoming bounty hunters find themselves stars
Casper Star-Tribune
Steven Willadsen watched the premiere from a folding chair on his back porch, a few feet from where he and prime-time television star Duane "Dog" Chapman schemed before catching Casper, Wyo., fugitives weeks before.More

Things to know before cosigning bail bonds
The Bail Blog
When you cosign for bail bonds, you are essentially taking responsibility for two things. The first and most important is that the defendant will go to court. When a person is bonded out of jail, their case is not over. You are also agreeing to pay the bondsman's fee.More

Rising prison population expected in Ohio
The Associated Press via Twinsburg Bulletin
The director of Ohio's prison system has confirmed that something must be done in response to the state's climbing incarcerated population. Currently, the total number of prisoners is about 50,000 — but that number could rise to 53,000 in the next few years. More

California governor's prison plan clears Assembly committee
Los Angeles Times
In California, Gov. Jerry Brown's plan for reducing the prison population cleared its first legislative hurdle when the Assembly Budget Committee approved his request for $315 million for alternative housing. Approval by the full Assembly would set the stage for a showdown in the Senate, where Democrats oppose the measure. They want more money spent on rehabilitation services and drug and mental health treatment so offenders do not end up back in prison after their release.More

Takedown offense: Defensive tactics technique
Watch, listen and learn as Defensive Tactics Instructor Richard Nance discusses and demonstrates methods for preventing and/or resisting being taken down by a suspect.More

3 ways to protect yourself from hackers
Many police agencies, private businesses and the federal government have experienced some kind of hacker intrusion in the past few years. And thanks to Hollywood, there's widespread misunderstanding of what a computer hacker really is. In essence, hackers write lines of computer code — typically referred to as a "virus" — as a means of gaining entry to a network. More