PBUS News Update
Sep. 11, 2014

PBUS Home Office is Moving!

The new PBUS home office address:
Professional Bail Agents of the United States
801 N. Magnolia Avenue, Suite 418
Orlando, FL 32803

New Orleans clerk of court says no more overnight bail bonds
A long, festering feud between New Orleans Criminal Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell and the mayor's office just got more heated. Recently, Morrell announced his office no longer has the money or personnel to process bail bonds over night. He said starting immediately, suspects booked into Orleans Parish Prison after 11 p.m. will have to wait until the next morning to post bond.More

Rewards for terrorists and local crooks can pay off
NBC News
A deadly U.S. drone strike recently targeted a Somali man with a $7 million price on his head — a reward that's part of the bounty business, where big money awaits snitches and do-gooders alike, often proving that dangled dollars can trump loyalty, family and fear. More

Police: Indiana reporter informed for bounty hunters
The editor of an online news site admitted that she cooperated with bounty hunters to help confirm the location and identity of a troubled Indiana man upon whom they were attempting to serve a felony warrant. She did so by scheduling an interview with the man that became part of a tragic timeline of events that concluded with a deadly shootout Aug. 25.More

Sheriff to start new monitoring program
Brattleboro Reformer
A new electronic monitoring program — designed to track a suspect's whereabouts in real time, 24/7 — is about to debut in the Windham County, Vermont, court system. Having spent the past several months working through details of the state-funded pilot project, Windham County Sheriff's Department administrators expect to soon begin monitoring some suspects who are awaiting trial at home rather than in prison. More

Wearable tech could help track gun violence
IEEE Spectrum
Convicted criminals released on parole or probation are often required to wear electronic monitoring devices so that police officers and court officials can track their movements. Despite these precautions, individuals serving their sentences in the community are still responsible for almost half of reported incidents of gun violence in the United States, says University of Pennsylvania criminology professor Charles Loeffler. Adding existing technology to current monitoring devices, though, could help deter these shooters by recording and reporting when they fire a gun.More

The fast-paced lifestyle of Ira Judelson, bail bondsman to the stars
ABC News
Most celebrities have stylists, personal chefs, trainers and drivers, but only a select few have had to employ Ira Judelson. "I do a job that requires people to come to me, and they're scared, and they're shaken up and they can barely think," Judelson said. "These are the most powerful people sometimes." Judelson is a bail bondsman to the stars, a man with a host of celebrity clients. More

Dog the Bounty Hunter grants wish for 12-year-old girl
Duane "Dog" Chapman, star of "Dog and Beth: On The Hunt," met with 12-year-old Maria Canales, who is being treated for cystic fibrosis and chronic lung disease. The Kids Wish Network coordinated the trip for Canales and her family.More