PBUS News Update
Sep. 25, 2014

Court finds post-sentence GPS tracking unconstitutional
New Jersey Law Journal
A divided New Jersey Supreme Court ruled Sept. 22 that requiring a sex offender to wear a satellite tracking device after he has completed his sentence violates the ex-post-facto clauses of the federal and state constitutions.More

White House fence-jumper Omar Gonzalez held without bail
NBC News
The man accused of scaling the White House security fence and charging into the First Family's home with a knife, also had two hatchets and a machete, as well as 800 rounds of ammunition in his vehicle nearby, prosecutors said at an initial hearing. And this isn't the first time he's been caught menacing the building. In federal court, Assistant U.S. Attorney David Mudd said that Omar J. Gonzalez, 42, was "a danger to the president," and a judge ordered him held without bail until Oct. 1.More

Dozens stuck in Louisiana jail because of state computer glitch
Recently, WDSU-TV received several calls from relatives and attorneys of people stuck in jail. We're told this all boils down to an issue with a computer system that's maintained by Louisiana State Police in Baton Rouge — but they say these people should not suffer in the meantime.More

Suspect in several crimes becoming symbol for bail reform
The Trentonian
Alleged gunman, terror suspect and accused crack cocaine dealer Lawrence Sutphin is back on the street again, awaiting trial on all his charges. Authorities said he was released from jail for the third time since April, when he was caught with a gun after a shooting at a funeral in New Jersey's Galilee Baptist Church. Bailed out for a $50,000 on that offense, Sutphin showed at The Trentonian soon after and threatened to shoot up the place for reporting him on the street again.More

Tracking devices for domestic abusers pushed
Des Moines Register via WUSA-TV
An Iowa woman's push for a state law that would require electronic monitoring of people accused of domestic abuse is getting attention from state policymakers. Gov. Terry Branstad, at a recent candidate forum, said the idea makes sense.More

South Carolina urged to confiscate firearms from abusers
The State
Experts recommended confiscating the firearms of offenders convicted of criminal domestic violence as one way to make South Carolina a safer state for women. They also recommended making a second offense a felony, making it tougher for accused abusers to make bail to get out of jail and increasing the number of women's shelters.More

Roger Ver's bitcoin bounty hunter is misguided and dangerous
Recently, Roger Ver announced the launch of a new project, BitcoinBountyHunter.com, a site that rewards people with anonymous bitcoin bounties if they can prove they have submitted evidence that leads to the conviction of wanted criminals.More

Man accused in bond kickback scheme accepts plea deal
There are new developments in a major bail bond kickback scheme in Wake County, North Carolina. James Perkins entered a guilty plea in court. The judge sentenced him to six months jail time. That plea agreement also carries a restitution of $73,800 for the 19 cases he is proven to be directly involved in. It all stemmed from an investigation that started late last year. Investigators said for years that bail bondsmen James Perkins and Kenneth Golder paid bribes to avoid paying forfeited bonds. The entire scheme cheated Wake County Schools out of about a million dollars.More

Lawyer for bail bond firm claims client's disappearance is national security matter
Journal Inquirer
A lawyer for a bail bond firm that's asking to be released from having to pay the $300,000 bond for a client who disappeared cited national security in a bid to keep documents sealed. Ryan Barry, the lawyer for Capitol Bail Bonds, asked that his motion be sealed because it has an attached FBI document pertaining to the case.More