PBUS News Update
Nov. 8, 2013

New Oklahoma law requires bounty hunters to be licensed
Lenny Biggers and Salomon Dionicio have been working together for nearly a decade. The two go all over town searching for criminals who've jumped bail. Biggers and Dionicio are hoping Oklahoma's new bail enforcement and licensing law will make people take their jobs more seriously.More

A bail perspective on pretrial release reform
Fox & Hounds via ExpertBail
The article provides an alternative perspective on the pretrial release reform debate — perspective of partnership and cooperation. This is something that the bail bond industry has proposed for many years to the public sector pretrial community with no response.More

North Carolina rules law created monopoly for bail bonds trade group
News & Observer
A North Carolina appeals court says a state law created an unconstitutional monopoly by allowing only one trade group to train bail bond agents. The unanimous ruling supports a Wake County judge, who last year blocked the law from being carried out. The North Carolina Bail Agents Association and a new rival called the North Carolina Bail Academy had been competing to provide the required training until legislators passed the law recognizing only the association. More

Bail bondsman can't make pitch to inmate in person
San Francisco Chronicle
Bail bond companies can advertise their services to new jail inmates, their main source of business. They can approach an arrestee's family, friends or lawyer to try to arrange bail. But in California, they can't make an in-person sales pitch to an inmate who hasn't requested it — and a state appeals court says the restriction doesn't violate freedom of speech.More

Furnace sparks fire at Texas bail bonds business
In Texas, Abilene firefighters rushed to a bail bond shop in downtown when the people there reported that there was a fire near the furnace. There was a small fire near the furnace of the business, but everyone got out safely and there were no reports of any injuries. More

Florida wants to reopen prisons to house more inmates
Bradenton Herald
A year after Florida closed several prisons to save money, the state says it must reopen some of them because of projections of a growing inmate population. The Department of Corrections wants the Legislature to appropriate $59 million to open nine shuttered facilities in 2014 from Miami to the Florida Panhandle. More

Commission votes to ask state for $900,000 for Nevada jail overcrowding
Las Vegas Sun
After hearing myriad complaints about delays in sentencing, Nevada's Advisory Commission on the Administration of Justice voted to ask the Legislative Interim Finance Commission to dip into its emergency fund for an estimated $900,000 to hire more pre-sentence writers.More

New audit says California is not identifying mentally ill for gun database
The Sacramento Bee
Even as California lawmakers target extra money at confiscating weapons from people who shouldn't have them, a new state audit finds that the state Department of Justice and the courts have failed to identify thousands of mentally ill people covered by the prohibition. More

Los Angeles airport shooting renews armed officer debate
The Wall Street Journal
Roughly a year before the fatal shooting rampage at Los Angeles International Airport, federal security officials turned away a request by the head of the local airport police union to ensure armed security was posted around screening checkpoints.More