PBUS News Update
Dec. 6, 2013

PBUS 2014 Winter Conference update
Featured speaker Brian Ingram, an expert in Internet investigation and email tracing and a colleague of Steve Rambam presents: Electronic Evidence Exploitation — How It Can Find What You Need. In this session, attendees will learn what information an email contains that can pinpoint the physical location of a subject, what data exists in a Facebook archive, how to get it and interpret it, as well as other methods of accessing vital information from sources traditional investigations would never venture into, that can find your skip. Electronic evidence is quickly becoming the MOST important evidence in a variety of cases from locates to crimes not associate with a computer at all, electronic evidence, sources and data can solve your issues. Don't miss out — register for the conference now!More

Bondsman in Houston City Council runoff election
Houston Chronicle
In At-Large 3 of the Houston City Council, bail bondsman and civic activist Michael Kubosh faces former Harris County Department of Education trustee and former mayoral candidate Roy Morales. The seat is being vacated by term-limited Councilwoman Melissa Noriega.More

Bounty hunter community distances itself from jailed bondsman
Leonard Padilla may be an eccentric, working out of an office decorated with knives and inhabited by a screeching macaw, but after almost 40 years of bounty hunting, he is very clear about his standards. More

California jail violence increasing after realignment of penal system
Fox News
County jails that account for the vast majority of local inmates in California have seen a marked increase in violence since they began housing thousands of offenders who previously would have gone to state prisons.More

Public Safety director taking Nevada jail crowding into his own hands
Las Vegas Sun
Jim Wright, director of the Nevada Public Safety Department, says he has taken "immediate steps" to answer complaints that the state is violating the law, which has led to overcrowding at the Clark County Detention Center.More

Baltimore prison scandal grows
Baltimore City Paper
The federal racketeering prosecution of inmates and staff at Baltimore facilities managed by Maryland’s correctional agency now involves 44 defendants — including 27 correctional officers — with the Nov. 21 unsealing of a superseding indictment. Since the case was first unveiled in April, it has brought heightened awareness to corruption in Maryland's jails and prisons. More

FBI podcast: Hate crimes, by the numbers
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBI statistics show the number of simple assaults is higher than intimidation offenses when it comes to hate crimes against people. Simple assaults accounted for 39.6 percent, while intimidation accounted for 37.5 percent.More

Drones used to try to smuggle contraband into Georgia jail
BBC News
Drones appear to have become the latest tool for those wishing to smuggle contraband into prisons. Four people have been arrested after a remote-controlled helicopter was allegedly used to fly tobacco into Calhoun state prison in Georgia. More

NICS turns 15 years old
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fifteen years ago, on Nov. 30, 1998, the FBI flipped the switch on the National Instant Criminal Background Check System — or NICS — a provision of the 1993 Brady Act that requires background checks on individuals purchasing firearms or receiving them through other means. More

West Virginia Supreme Court says police must disclose more
WV MetroNews
In West Virginia, Kanawha County Circuit Judge Jennifer Bailey will have to look again at requests from the Charleston Gazette for information about internal investigations focused on state police officers, the largest law enforcement agency in West Virginia.More