PBUS News Update
Dec. 18, 2014

Message from the President
Scott G. Hall

Scott G. Hall

As I mentioned in the last edition of our newsletter, our line-up of speakers for the 2015 winter conference will both educate and entertain you!

Mike Whitlock will be speaking at the opening luncheon on Monday, Feb. 23. Our opening session on Monday will also feature a fantastic and knowledgeable speaker regarding the bail industry.

Our speaker will be Eric Granof, Vice President of Corporate Communications for the AIA Family of Companies. Granof is responsible for both internal and external communications across the organization as well as driving a number of marketing initiatives for the company. These initiatives include corporate vendor partnerships, marketing programs such as ExpertBail and providing consulting and guidance to AIA's family of agents in the area of marketing. Granof is the Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer for the ExpertBail Network, a national bail bond network comprised of trusted ExpertBail Agents.

Eric Granof

Granof's presentation will focus on the bail industry's fight against taxpayer-funded pretrial services programs and how we can proactively promote the bail industry despite the negative propaganda. Eric has compiled an array of resources and research that all of us can use to educate citizens and stakeholders about our industry that he will gladly share with attendees. This will be a session you don't want to miss!

The early-bird deadline for your conference registration ends Jan. 10, so register today to receive great discounts on your registration. And don't forget to make your hotel reservation at the Luxor as our block is filling up very quickly. All conference details can be found on the PBUS website at www.pbus.com.More

Skipping court? Officers, bondsmen are on the hunt
Every day, hundreds of people skip court in Wake County, costing taxpayers' hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in lost time, resources and manpower to bring them in. Wake County deputies serve about 2,500 warrants a year, many for those who don't show up to court. But they aren't the only ones tracking down the no-shows. WRAL-TV spent time with the officers and bail bondsmen on the front lines of the sometimes dangerous war to restore order in the courtroom. More

New Jersey correctional facilities should stop honoring ICE detainers
Star-Ledger (commentary)
For many years, we have had two systems of justice in New Jersey and in other parts of the nation: one for immigrants and another for everybody else. At the heart of this unjust system are the detainers placed on suspected undocumented immigrants by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency of the Department of Homeland Security. A detainer is a legal request by ICE to hold an individual, most often picked up for minor offenses, even after they have posted bail. More

Modesto bail bondsman acquitted of all criminal charges
Insurance News Net
A jury recently acquitted Modesto bail bondsman Aleo John Pontillo of all criminal charges against him after a five-month trial and an investigation that went on for several years. But Pontillo said he didn't feel any sense of vindication. Since federal and local investigators began to probe into his business, AJ's Bail bonds, Pontillo's wife died, he says he lost his business and he used up a lot of his financial assets to mount a legal defense.More

Bailbond workers may need to be bailed out
Four licensed bail agents have been charged in the "rampant" use of phony bail bonds across Pennsylvania. Berks County District Attorney John Adams announced the arrests of four ACE Bail Bonds employees — Vincent Smith, Kaley Smith, Adalberto Garcia Jr. and Dean Gurney — during a news conference. More

Sex offender had GPS bracelet removed and went unmonitored
Los Angeles Times
A high-risk sex offender now charged with raping and murdering four women had his GPS tracking bracelet removed and went unmonitored for nearly two weeks as the string of killings continued in Orange County, according to court records reviewed by The Times. More

Bill to make changes to Ohio gun laws
A bill on the way to the governor's desk would make sweeping changes to Ohio gun laws. The legislature passed House Bill 234 by a wide margin this week. It would make it easier for most Ohioans to obtain concealed weapons licenses.More

Police: Woman bails someone out of jail with stolen credit card
A Nokomis woman faces criminal charges after allegedly using a stolen credit card to bail someone out of jail. Elouise White, 61, is charged with grand theft and fraudulent credit card use, according to the Venice Police Department.More

Vonderrit Myers case prompts questions about GPS monitoring
The recent death of a young St. Louis man has prompted new questions about GPS monitoring devices on people charged with gun crimes. In June, police arrested 18-year old Vonderrit Myers on a weapons charge. Authorities said he was involved in a high speed chase, fled the scene and tossed a gun into a sewage drain. More

Prison realignment changing law enforcement
Victorville Daily Press
It's been three years since California legislators passed Assembly Bill 109, a prison realignment measure that aimed to reduce state prison overcrowding by mandating that some convicted felons serve time in county jails or be released to the supervision of probation departments. The bill also extended PC 4019 to county jails, meaning that inmates convicted of nonviolent crimes would serve only half of their sentence if they maintained good behavior. The results have been bemoaned by law enforcement and city leaders, and have altered policing — perhaps forever. More

Kirkland ID theft case nearly turns into attempted murder — Part 1
Kirkland Reporter
An arrest by bail bond agents in Long Beach, California, on Nov. 20 put a stop to an alleged identify thief and Kent resident who was listed on Washington's Most Wanted. The arrest of Jocelyn Valerie Ruiz, 20, is relief for a 31-year-old Kirkland woman, who police believe was a victim of a massive identity theft. But it didn't stop there. More