Take-aways from the 2013 Winter Conference


Dr. Stan Gwin, an expert in explaining our industry to local communities, led the interactive session "What to Say to your Community, How and Where to Say It."

This session got everyone talking about bringing our industry's message to the "opinion leaders" of their community. The best place to bring the message is to the most important "opinion leader" group in your community. That could be the Rotary, Lion's Club or others.

These organizations meet weekly and need 52 speakers every year. Contact their program chair and offer to make a presentation about our industry and its impact on the community.

The top five messages to get across are:
  1. When a charged person fails to appear, only a commercial bail agent is accountable for either returning the defendant or paying the bond.
  2. Commercial Bail is actually more profitable to the court and community than pre-trial.
  3. "Risk assessment" is what commercial bail agents do. If they are not good at it, they don't survive in business very long.
  4. Taxpayer funded pre-trial release has very high FTA rates.
  5. Taxpayer funded pre-trial is expensive.