The Leader
Dec. 30, 2014

10. Business transformation hinges on great project management
From March 19, 2014: Business transformation is a top priority for many CEOs, but how do companies manage through the complex changes that are necessary to do it? Success requires great execution one project at a time. More

9. Top 5 free project management tools
Digital Trends
From June 17, 2014: We've all be assigned a project before, whether for work or school. However, maybe your simple to-do list on your smartphone has a few loose ends, or that seemingly simple task is quickly morphing into a beast of a project featuring multiple heads. More

8. 6 steps to earning all your Professional Development Units
From June 10, 2014: As a certified Project Management Professional (PMP)®, the last thing you want to happen is to have your certification suspended. This happens if you do not earn the required 60 Professional Development Units (PDUs) within your three-year recertification cycle. More

7. 5 indispensable skills for any project support worker
Training Journal
From Aug. 19, 2014: The job landscape in project management has evolved, just as the discipline itself has. One glance at the want ads shows that today's project support officer needs a whole new set of skills to work effectively. More

6. 5 Lessons to ensure project management success
The Var Guy
From March 19, 2014: Everyone takes on projects, but effectively managing a project means the difference between failure and success. The project management function is integral to the oversight of projects, from conception to completion, and the use of effective techniques helps to complete project work on time, on budget and with minimal disruption to the business. More

5. The essential hallmarks of a project leader
PM Hut
From Oct. 28, 2014: What makes a good project manager? What makes a great project leader? In this guest post, Martin Webster shares what he believes are four essential hallmarks of a project leader, and introduces some critical skills, thinking and behaviors for leading projects. More

4. The fairest metric of all
From Aug. 12, 2014: We often rely on a number of different metrics to help create insights into our true project progress. These can range from discrete indicators, such as schedule performance index, to more subjective measures, such as forecasting completion dates based on prior experience on similar projects. More

3. Art of managing: Shiny objects and the senior management team
PM Hut
From April 23, 2014: One of the value killers found inside many organizations is the out of control pursuit of too many new initiatives. The resultant too few resources chasing too many projects, is a sure-fire way to create organizational stress as initiatives fall short, inefficiencies skyrocket and employees, stakeholders and customers grow perturbed.More

2. 5 big project management problems ... and how to solve them
Business News Daily
From April 9, 2014: Inaccurate updates on how projects are faring are the reason many don't turn out as expected, new research suggests. The misreporting of project statuses, at all levels of the company, is often to blame for corporate projects failing or ballooning in cost, according to the study published in MIT's Sloan Management Review. More

1. Meet the new Board of Directors for PMI OVOC
From May 15, 2014: May 2nd saw PMI OVOC's Annual Board Meeting for 2014 at the Delta City Center. The Meeting got started promptly at 4:30 p.m. with 60 members in attendance and 74 proxies to ensure we met Quorum and were able to ratify amendments to the bylaws. More