PRSM Weekly
Jan. 23, 2015

Real-life stores regain cool as Web lacks hand-on deals
Remember when e-tailers were going to dethrone the local mall and consign real-world stores to the ash heap of history? Not so fast. Shoppers are increasingly returning to stores, executives from companies including Yahoo Inc.'s Tumblr and Telefonica SA said at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich this week. While growth in Internet retailing has outpaced store-based sales gains in recent years, the mall is starting to reclaim some ground, data from researcher Euromonitor show. More

Explore the pros and cons of proactive vs. reactive ssset management
PRSM Magazine
A robust asset management program accomplishes three key objectives for a retailer, says Kevin Herrmann at The Fresh Market: providing documentation on where assets are located; identification for each individual piece of equipment and a historical maintenance record to support decisions to replace or repair. Hear more from Kevin, who recounts lessons learned during a recent asset tagging project, along with experts Mike Cowley of CE Maintenance Solutions, Nick Finia of Walgreens and Josh Carter of LVR Energy & Mechanical Systems. More

Locks 101
Facility Executive
With increased interest on safety, many facility professionals are more involved in the details of their organizations' security systems. While much discussion will be on topics such as funding, lockdowns, and other security and safety issues, one thing remains constant. Access control, in whatever its form, begins with locks. And this subject has its own nomenclature, which can be confusing. Thus, welcome to the world of mortise, strikes, fail safe, and fail secure.More

Family Dollar shareholders approve sale to Dollar Tree
Family Dollar's shareholders have overwhelmingly approved a $8.5 billion takeover bid by rival discount chain Dollar Tree, a vote that sidelines Dollar General's competing offer. At the vote held in North Carolina, investors holding 74 percent of Family Dollar's total outstanding shares voted in favor of the proposal, an outcome that Chairman and CEO Howard Levine praised. The merger still requires approval from the Federal Trade Commission, and that could come as soon as March. More

Why be efficient and productive in a maintenance organization?
By Denny Hydrick
When your team is manufacturing widgets, it is a must to be efficient and productive, isn't it? The more widgets you make, the more sales are up. The more sales are up, the more the company makes. The more the company makes, then better the chances of long-term employment for you. But we in maintenance don't produce widgets and thus don't contribute to higher sales. Why should a maintenance team be concerned with efficiency and productivity?More

PetSmart gives $450, 000 to Children's Health
Retailing Today
PetSmart is teaming up with Children's Health to help fund its pet therapy program, which will provide thousands of patients with access to canine comfort teams. PetSmart Paws for Hope at Children's Health is starting off with a commitment of $425,000 from PetSmart over five years.More

Retailers make surprising admission at NRF
Retailing Today
More than 200 retail and technology professionals surveyed on show floor at the recent National Retail Federation convention offered a mix of disturbing and enlightening thoughts on the state of EMV readiness, omnichannel investments and mobile wallet winners.More

Keeping your parking lot in top shape
Occupational Health & Safety Magazine
No one likes being sued. Unfortunately, America has become a litigious society. Whether you weren't warned that your coffee was too hot or you slipped and fell on your untied shoelaces, it always seems to be someone else's fault. Reducing potential liabilities on your property is an integral part of ensuring patron safety, reducing insurance premiums, and maintaining an aesthetically pleasing curbside appearance. Here are the six most important areas of your parking lot that can degenerate over time, creating hazards, and how to ensure they are properly repaired.More

MCA study verifies steel roofs can last as long as buildings they cover: Typically 60-plus years
Of interest to facilities managers and owners in the process of specifying a new roof, the Metal Construction Association has released new research findings that conclude that certain metal roof systems can last at least 60 years, meaning they do not require replacement during a commercial building's service life. The specific type is common on low-rise commercial buildings such as warehouses, schools, distribution centers, shopping centers, exposition halls and other facilities. More

Metro Toledo, Ohio, retail is showing promise
The Toledo Blade
The metro Toledo, Ohio, retail market saw considerable improvement in the second half of 2014, according to a year-end report by local commercial real estate firm the Reichle Klein Group. The area's retail space vacancy rate dropped to 12.5 percent at year’s end from 12.9 percent at midyear 2014, the company said. The average lease rate rose to $7.60 per square foot in the second half from $7.43 at midyear. More

The Aging of Abercrombie & Fitch
Bllomberg Businessweek
On Sunday morning, Dec. 7, Michael Jeffries called some of the senior executives at Abercrombie & Fitch to discuss the holiday season. That was typical Jeffries. He was the creator and chief executive officer of the modern-day Abercrombie and had controlled virtually every aspect of the company for the past 22 years. He approved every piece of clothing and for a while every employee, too, including the clone army of beautiful young men who stood shirtless at store entrances. He instructed staff on how to present themselves, down to the length of their fingernails. He obsessed over the publication of catalogs filled with cavorting boys and girls that many called pornographic. For years it was sold sealed in plastic, and one had to be 18 years old to buy it. He had built an empire of cool based on preppy, well-made, expensive clothes, worn low and tight.More

Advances in antimicrobial coatings for surfaces
While there may be no silver bullet for germs, researchers have developed antimicrobial abrasion-resistant coatings that use silver and copper colloids to kill germs and stop new ones from becoming established on surfaces. The metals work by gradually releasing germicidal metal ions into the environment.More

5 steps to achieving maintenance operations utopia
Here's a reminder of an old saying that has been written many different ways: "Don't let perfection stand in the way of progress." In other words, start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can. The bottom line is do something. Wait for the stars in your department to align with Mike's World, and you'll never get anywhere.More

NRF opposes Supreme Court decision on swipe fees
Hospitality Technology
The National Retail Federation has expressed disappointment at the U.S. Supreme Court's announcement that it would not review an appellate court ruling on whether the Federal Reserve set a 2011 cap on debit card swipe fees higher than the level sought by Congress in legislation passed the year before.More

Budget 2015: Retail seeks industry status, national policy
Seeking an industry status, the Retailers Association of India wants the government to roll out a National Policy for Retail and Internal Trade. Outlining their expectations from the Budget FY15-16, the industry body has submitted a 10-point retail policy agenda to the government. More