PRSM Weekly
Jun. 5, 2015

Walmart's water management initiative saves $4.4 million
Green Retail Decisions
Walmart's cooling water management initiative has conserved 660 million gallons of water and saved the retailer more than $4.4 million since the program launched in 2008, according to an article published on Environmental Defense Fund's EDF+Business blog. Working with water management company Phigenics, Walmart has conserved an average of 140,000-plus gallons of water annually for the past two years across its facilities portfolio.More

Skullcandy to open free-standing outlets as it enters Canadian market
Retail Insider
As it rolls-out its unique new retail concept, popular headphone and consumer electronic accessory brand Skullcandy is looking to open multiple Canadian locations. Skullcandy is seeking retail space within outlet malls, and it has ambitious expansion plans for both the United States and Canada. More

Dollar General's growth strategy paying off
Retailing Today
Strong sales of tobacco products, candy and snacks helped drive Dollar General's same-store sales up nearly 4 percent in the first quarter as the company celebrates its 12,000th store opening this month. Overall, Dollar General posted a profit of $253.2 million, or 84 cents a share, up from $222.4 million, or 72 cents a share, a year earlier. More

Houston flooding slams retail construction
Houston Business Journal
On the heels of the wettest May on record in Texas, construction around the Houston area has experienced delays. But perhaps the most affected sector is retail, where chain retailers have very specific timeframes that developers can deliver new stores, said Marc MacConnell, who leads the retail division at Houston-based Arch-Con Corp.More

HVAC maintenance — a pretty cool idea
By John Haley
The ancient Egyptians are known for developing the concept of air conditioning. In an attempt to find relief from the heat, they hung wet reeds from windows. As the water evaporated, it cooled the air blowing through the windows. This process seems basic, but the general physics of air conditioning has remained the same throughout history. Newer technology means many more moving parts, which then creates the need for a maintenance program to ensure functionality.More

Building performance and operations at core of plan proposed by industry experts
Facility Executive
Determining a building’s energy efficiency based solely on using predictive energy models and specifying certain design and construction attributes may be a thing of the past by the time the next generation of architects and engineers join the workforce. Communities and owners want measurable performance data: they want to know whether greenhouse gas emissions are lower, whether energy consumption has been reduced and even whether the building has achieved zero-energy usage. More

TJX Cos. Inc. keeps the momentum going
Retailing Today
The off-price retailer said that net sales for the first quarter ended May 2 increased 6 percent to $6.9 billion, and same store sales increased 5 percent. Net income for the first quarter was $475 million, and diluted earnings per share were 69 cents, an 8 percent increase over the prior year. More

The DOE's Better Buildings Challenge partners save $840 million
Green Retail Decisions
As a nation, we spend more than $200 billion each year to power our commercial buildings, including schools, stores, office buildings and hospitals. Another $200 billion is spent to power industrial facilities. The Better Buildings Challenge under the Department of Energy was launched in 2011 with the goal of dramatically improving energy efficiency in the commercial and industrial sectors.More

Tallying the costs of stormwater pollution
In these times of drought, following regulations to keep our drinking water safe is more important than ever. Storm water management has a long history worth reviewing.More

Mastermind Toys continues aggressive Canadian expansion
Retail Insider
Toronto-based Mastermind Toys continues with its aggressive Canadian expansion and last month, it opened its 40th Canadian location. Retail Insider spoke with company president Humphrey Kadaner to learn more. More

The mall of the future: Fun, friendly and free of shoppers?
Pocket parks, Ferris wheels, meditation spaces and adventure rides to the North Pole: These are some of the newest tools in the quest to build retail traffic in the digital age. In fact, the shopping center of the future may be so entertaining that people won't have time to shop.More

LEED improving on bridging the design to operations gap
The LEED program in general has become more about existing buildings than new construction as evidenced by the certified square footage of existing buildings recently surpassing certified square footage of new construction projects. The enhanced commissioning and measurement and verification credits are examples of good opportunities that tie design and construction to operations in previous and the current version of LEED for New Construction rating system. As these elements aren’t required to achieve LEED certification, owners should take note and make an effort to pursue these credits, because they are potentially the biggest opportunities to impact long term energy related performance in a building. More

Retailers, consumers react after Dallas bag ban sacked
At Dallas-based Half Price Books, they paid a much higher price to conform to the city's plastic bag ban that went on the books back in January. "Fifteen or 20-thousand dollars," estimated Kathy Doyle Thomas, chief strategy officer for the bookstore chain.More

Deferred maintenance: Turning crisis into strategy
Maintenance and engineering managers know all too well that deferred maintenance never went anywhere. In the last five years, many people inside and outside of institutional and commercial facilities were understandably preoccupied with fallout from the nation’s financial crisis. More