PRSM Weekly
Oct. 3, 2014

The physical store is not dead, just changing
Executives from companies such as Target and eBay were quick to say that the brick-and-mortar was anything but dead to a room full of digital retailers at yesterday morning's Summit. In the breakout session titled, "Do you need the physical store?" Healy Cypher, head of retail innovation, eBay, opened by listing some staggering facts about the progress of digital. He noted that smartphone consumers are going on their devices on average 150 times a day and that every day more iPhones are sold than babies born in the world. More

New PRSM White Paper Assists Retailers with Implementing HVAC Planned Replacement Programs
PRSM Magazine
The newest white paper from PRSM, "Replacing and Retrofitting Rooftop Units Through the Advanced RTU Campaign" was written by Marta Milan, Waypoint Building Group, Michael Deru, PhD, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Grant Gable, LEED AP, AES Industries, Inc. to help retailers with implementing their own HVAC Planned Replacement Program. The topic was inspired by the Advanced RTU Campaign (ARC), which recognizes retailers who take advantage of the saving opportunities from high-efficiency RTUs. Download the white paper today and read about how and why other retailers are implementing their own HVAC Planned Replacement Program.More

Walmart opens first Pickup Grocery store in Arkansas
Walmart has unveiled its Pickup Grocery service to registered customers in Northwest Arkansas. Until now, the service has only been tested by Walmart employees and this will be the first time that shoppers can partake in the service. More

Shopping malls brace for wave of consolidation
Indianapolis Business Journal
The next wave of U.S. mergers might be coming to a shopping mall near you. Washington Prime Group Inc., a Bethesda, Maryland-based owner of strip shopping centers and regional malls, agreed last month to buy rival Glimcher Realty Trust in a $4.3 billion deal. Washington Prime is a spinoff of Indianapolis-based Simon Property Group Inc., and its operations headquarters is in the city as well.More

Strategies for working with roofing contractors
New roofs at institutional and commercial facilities are expected to last many years. But when the time does come to decide whether to replace or repair a failing roof, it is important that maintenance and engineering managers understand the latest roofing developments so they can make informed decisions about the best way to proceed. More

Zero energy building revenue — Expected to exceed $1.4 trillion annually by 2035
Today's Facility Manager
Aiming to reduce energy costs and minimize the carbon footprint of their buildings, governments, corporations, and builders are pursuing zero energy building solutions. Also called net zero energy buildings, ZEBs bring together existing energy efficient technologies to form a high-performance building. More

Dollar store foot traffic up 14 percent
Dollar store shopping visits were up 14 percent in the past quarter, compared with the rest of brick-and-mortar, which was down 4 percent. According to the NPD Group's Shopping Activity Services report, some of the increase in traffic may be attributed to the increase in store openings.More

What's next for NFC
National Retail Federation
A pple's announcement of its newest iPhone and separate advances with technology that replaces "smart card" hardware with software have the potential to quicken the pace at which mobile devices can be used to make payments at retail locations. But some payments experts still have concerns about security.More

Stories from Washington states's most inspiring retailers
National Retail Federation
The state of Washington houses a robust retail community responsible for supporting one in four jobs in the state. Not only a triumph for the industry, but a celebration for the Washington community — a community that consists of nearly 900,000 retail employees — retail has provided the state with great opportunity and growth, which can be seen in the breakdown of Washington's GDP, of which the retail industry is responsible for 17 percent. More

Nordstrom opens first store in Canada
The Seattle Times
A crowd of more than 2,000 shoppers took Nordstrom's first Canadian store by storm on its opening recently, in this oil-rich city, an auspicious start for the Seattle retailer's international debut. Hundreds milled about at a preopening "Beauty Bash," where shoppers were handed bags with samples while they waited for the store to open. More

To LED or not to LED? That is the question
By Pamela Tresp
According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, commercial and institutional buildings, public street and highway lighting consumed about 274 billion kWh for lighting — roughly 21 percent of total commercial sector electricity consumption in 2012. The October 2014 issue of LD+A magazine cited that electricity for lighting consumes totals up to 461 billion kWh each year. With so much energy use at stake, as Dan Mellinger writes in LD+A, "LED recessed troffers represent the single largest potential energy savings opportunity." So what is the best way this should be handled?More

Best Buy recycles 1 billion pounds of electronics, appliances
Green Retail Decisions
Best Buy celebrated the landmark achievement of recycling one billion pounds of e-waste in six years collected from customers at 1,400 U.S. stores. The company also announced an ambitious new goal to collect an additional two billion pounds of electronics and large appliances by 2020.More

The low-key billionaire behind the lingerie giant
The billionaire who single-handedly changed how America shops has an inner sanctum as enigmatic as he is: the corner of a nondescript office building in Columbus, Ohio, across the road from a garbage dump, behind a security gate festooned with "Do Not Enter" signs. While the communal spaces are properly blinged-out with pink walls, lacy bits of lingerie and a big screen rolling endless tape of nearly naked supermodels, the chamber itself is a confused mess of binders and papers straight out of The Absent-Minded Professor. Nearly every surface is devoted to knickknacks – a 3-foot-long pencil here, an Ohio State Monopoly board there – or stacks of books.More

The leading edge
Facility Management Journal
Some people are born leaders, some become leaders and some have leadership thrust upon them. Regardless of how it is attained, however, being an effective leader is critical in facility management. An important step toward success for facility managers is to identify their existing leadership strengths and strive to further improve them. More

Time-of-use data is key to effective plug-load management
Greentech Media
As plug loads — or energy used by equipment plugged into an outlet — continue to race to the top of the list of energy issues confronting building managers, measuring and controlling them has become a more critical and challenging aspect of building energy management. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, plug loads can account for 30 percent to 50 percent of U.S. commercial building electricity consumption. More

7-Eleven tests 'healthy' fresh food by fitness guru
USA Today
Nutritional eats and natural drinks might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of 7-Eleven. But the world's largest convenience store chain today will roll out a test in Southern California with an eye on changing that. Some 104 stores in the Los Angeles market will begin to sell a line of what the chain calls "nutritionally balanced" fresh sandwiches, wraps and salads — and even cold-pressed juices — under the banner of fitness guru Tony Horton Kitchen. More

Huge shopping malls change landscape of Brazil
Los Angeles Times
Most of the shops in the Monte Carmo mall haven't opened yet, but it's already full of Brazilian kids. They come in droves, filling its cavernous hallways, giggling, ogling sneakers, asking for chocolate.More