PRSM Weekly
Dec. 19, 2014

Study: Retail industry leads in energy and sustainability management
Green Retail Decisions
The retail industry is a leader in energy and sustainability management compared to other industries, according to a new Ecova study, which also reveals cost remains a top driver of sustainability decision making. The second annual report – 2015 Energy and Sustainability Predictions: Findings from Leading Professionals – reveals that 57 percent of respondents in retail have an energy/building management system installed. Supplemental data from the study by Ecova demonstrates that the retail industry also has the highest rates of improvement in energy efficiency from 2008 to 2013 compared to other industries.More

New PRSM Benchmarking Report Provides First-Ever Look in to Supplier Fleet and Technician Operations
The latest PRSM Benchmarking report, "Supplier Fleet and Technician Operations and Practices," gives the industry transparent insight in to how suppliers maintain their fleet of vehicles, how technology is being utilized to gain efficiencies and more concerning fleet management.

FM professionals will find this first of its kind report helpful in understanding how their suppliers manage their fleets and field technicians and will better understand the costs associated with delivering reliable service. Download the report here. More

Forecasting a busy Super Saturday for retailers
For those of you waiting until the very last minute to finish — or in some cases, start — your holiday shopping, here's some good news. Although there's a storm brewing on the West Coast, bringing with it the possibility of rain and snow across the U.S., experts are calling for relatively good weather during the final shopping weekend of the holiday season, a critical time for retailers to snatch up last-minute sales. More

Multi-level shopping mall to house 60 new retailers at 'The Boulevard' in New Dorp
Staten Island Advance
With the Staten Island Mall planning an expansion on the West Shore in New York, recent ground-breaking of the Empire Outlets on the North Shore and phase two of Bricktown Center under construction on the South Shore, it's only fair that the East Shore also gets a new shopping mecca. And that's exactly the plan with Long Island-based Kimco Realty Corp.'s development of "The Boulevard" in New Dorp.More

Staples Canada expands green energy offering to small business owners
Green Retail Decisions
Small businesses clients of Staples Canada can now sign up online to draw100 percent green electricity from Bullfrog Power, the retailers own power partner. In September, Staples Canada expanded its partnership with Bullfrog Power to support renewable energy in its Copy & Print Production Centers in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. The partnership was forged with the intent of reducing the environmental impact of the retailer’s most energy-intensive copy and print jobs.More

The sustainability struggle
Facility Management Journal
A study conducted in 2008 and published in Industrial Distribution said a lot about sustainable issues when it came to distributors of all types of goods. According to the study, most distributors indicated there simply was not a strong demand from their customers for green products. Six years later, it appears the "tree hugger" perception is long gone, but this does not mean it is all good news for advocates of sustainable practices. More

Kroger named Elite Member of Energy Star's Certification Nation
Green Retail Decision
Cincinnati-based The Kroger Co. has been accepted as an elite member of Energy Star Certification Nation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Kroger is the only grocery retailer granted elite member certification status, which was granted to organizations that earned Energy Star certification for at least 150 buildings in 2014.More

Green building technology you'll never see but can experience now
Picture an office that cleans up after itself, improves indoor air quality with nanotech-formulated paint and responds to sunlight by magically adjusting window tint, all while fighting climate change. Then imagine entering your workspace to find your desk light on and the temperature just as you like it. These innovations are already at work in some modern buildings, in the shape of the networked ecosystem of "intelligent" building equipment and devices. More

Blackstone to sell US shopping centers for $512 Million
Blackstone Group LP agreed to sell a majority stake in 39 U.S. shopping centers to joint-venture partner Kimco Realty Corp. for $512.3 million in a deal that will almost double the firm’s equity investment. Kimco will buy Blackstone’s two-thirds interest in the properties, which total 5.6 million square feet (520,200 square meters) and are in New York, Virginia, Texas, Florida, California and Maryland, the real estate investment trust said today in a statement. The transaction is valued at $925 million including debt, the company said. More

Emerging technology to watch
There are a number of systems that are emerging or in research that will eventually be installed in buildings. Whether such systems will be deployed will be dependent on the business justification; building owners will assess potential value and return. Here are a few to watch. More

Victoria's Secret is crazy popular right now
The Huffington Post
Victoria's Secret is an unstoppable force of bras and panties. The fashion brand's lingerie hasn't been this popular in nearly two years, according to new data from YouGov BrandIndex, a firm that tracks the public's perception of different brands. Victoria's Secret is expected to have a major holiday season in 2014, thanks to its fashionable underwear lines and the success of its glitzy fashion show, industry observers say. More

Eliminating parking headaches
Facility Management Journal
Parking facilities are a crucial element of any building or complex. They often serve as de-facto lobbies, providing the first experience of a building to visitors and tenants. Parking facilities can therefore shape an individual's impression of an entire complex: inconvenient or unpleasant parking facilities may sour people's feelings toward a building, while clean, safe and convenient parking can make that same complex seem more attractive.More

7 outlets planned in China over next 3 years to boost performance
China Daily
Wal-Mart Stores Inc is expecting to open seven more of its high-end Sam's Club membership stores in China over next three years in a move that it hopes will help halt its declining performance in the country. Andrew Miles, senior vice-president of Walmart China and chief operating officer of Sam's Club in China, said he has a clear idea of his target customers in China: high-income families who love to travel and many of whom have experience of shopping overseas. More

Improve your facilities and real estate management
Want to unlock cost savings and create smarter, greener buildings? The key is in your facilities. The game has changed. Archaic tools like departmental systems or Excel spreadsheets can't support the growing responsibilities of real estate and facilities professionals.More