Apr. 10, 2012

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Panel to discuss 'Imaging and Accountability: Imaging's Role in the Integrated Health Network' at Radiology Summit
Stakeholders with a vested interest in the delivery of imaging will address how a new era of accountability in healthcare will impact how radiology services are delivered and paid for and how this will affect the practice. Discussion will include a dive into topics such as the defragmentation of the current healthcare system, cost containment and radiology's value proposition.

A follow-up session, "Barbarians at the Gate: The Health Care Crisis and What It Means for Radiology," with Curtis Kauffman-Pickelle and Cheryl Proval, will provide a deep-dive discussion regarding what is currently happening in each market/HCO and how it is impacting radiology delivery, pricing and service.

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RBMA Radiology Summit
May 20-23
Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando®
Orlando, Fla.

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Member-Get-A-Member program raffles Kindle Fire!
RBMA believes that our best ambassadors are those who have experienced membership firsthand and can recommend us to their colleagues and friends. The highest compliment we can receive is a referral from a member. As part of our Member-Get-A-Member program and in recognition of our thanks to our referring members, RBMA held a raffle for a Kindle Fire in the first quarter of 2012, and we are happy to announce that Douglas L. Gibson, President, CEO and Business Manager of Colorado Springs Radiologists, PC, is our winner!

Another raffle will be held in the second quarter of the year, so start referring! For more information on how you can get involved in this great program, visit the Member-Get-A-Member program page on our website.More

RBMA Bulletin goes digital!
In addition to receiving a printed copy of the Bulletin, you can now access a digital copy through the RBMA website and read it on your computer or tablet! Never miss an issue or an article!

Try it out today and let us know what you think.

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vRad makes it easy to attend the Radiology Summit FREE
vRad is now offering a $1,500 scholarship to an RBMA member who has been a member for a minimum of two years and has not attended an RBMA conference or seminar for the Radiology Summit. The deadline to submit the application is April 20. Click here for details.More

Deadline to complete Imaging Center Survey is Friday!
The Imaging Center Performance Survey was last conducted in 2007. Since then, so much has changed in the medical imaging industry: the DRA, pre-authorization and multiple procedure payment reductions to name just a few.

If you run an imaging center or IDTF, please help us out by contributing your data. The survey includes data on productivity of imaging machines and technologists, and imaging center expenses, as well as the same data on charges and collections. The deadline to complete the survey has been extended to April 13.

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Individuals who participate in the Imaging Center Performance Survey should also participate in the Accounts Receivable Performance Survey. To make that easy to do, we have included a check box on the A/R data section of the Imaging Center Survey so the data will be transferred over to the A/R Survey and respondents will only have to fill out a few more questions to complete the A/R Survey.More

Deadline to complete Accounts Receivable Performance Survey is April 20
The deadline to complete the Accounts Receivable Performance Survey is April 20. The Accounts Receivable Performance Survey should be completed by all members who provide any imaging services. This survey collects data on charges and charge offsets (adjustments and write-offs), collections and collection offsets (refunds and returned checks) and A/R aging. The report presents statistics on eight key indicators (including adjusted collection percentage and days charges in A/R) and nine other indicators. These indicators, reported by type of services billed and by respondent characteristics, may be used to benchmark your practice internally over time as well as against other similar practices. The deadline to participate has been extended to April 20.

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Personal emails on work computers: Are they fair game for employers?
In the continuing struggle between an employee's privacy rights and the employer's right to access company-provided computers and other electronic devices, the Illinois Court of Appeals recently weighed in with regard to a matter involving the alleged violation of the Stored Communications Act (SCA), 18 USC 2701, et seq.More

Community property: Ownership in your medical practice upon a physician's divorce
Contingency planning is often something we wished we had done after it is too late to avoid the issue. One area often overlooked is how your or your business partner's unforeseen (or foreseen) divorce might impact your medical practice. If you are a member, partner or shareholder in private practice and live in one of the nine community property states in the U.S., you or your business partner's ownership in the practice can be considered to be property of the marital estate. As such, an ownership interest in a corporation or LLC can be distributed by a court along with the right to receive future profits.More

A new way to mark your patents
The AIA has simplified the patent marking process. Now, instead of constantly having to change the marking on a product, the law allows patent owners to "virtually" mark their patents on the Internet instead of on the product.More

Wage and hour compliance: Essential to avoid litigation in healthcare industry
In 2010, the U.S. Department of Labor announced that it was launching a mass wage and hour probe of the broadly-defined "healthcare" industry. The "healthcare" industry was not, however, limited to large hospital systems or nursing homes. It includes independent physician practices, as well as home health agencies.More

Calendar of events
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Zotec Partners takes over billing for Western North Carolina's largest multi-specialty practice
Zotec Partners
Zotec Partners, an industry leading provider of specialized medical billing and practice management services for the hospital-based specialty market, announced that it is taking over billing operations for North Carolina-based Asheville Radiology Associates. Western North Carolina's largest multi-specialty practice, Asheville Radiology Associates previously handled billing in-house, but is now outsourcing to Zotec Partners due to the growing complexity of radiology billing and declining physician reimbursement.More

MBMS CEO Tom Schovee to speak at Northeast Chapter/RBMA Meeting
In an environment of declining reimbursement and an ever-changing landscape, it's critical for radiology groups to remain competitive. As one of the featured speakers at the daylong educational meeting in April, Tom will be providing meeting attendees with an in-depth, realistic viewpoint on the future of radiology. MBMS continues to be an industry leader in helping radiology practices remain in the forefront of medicine.More

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions awarded SAS 70 Type II certification
GeBBS Healthcare Solutions Inc.
GeBBS Healthcare Solutions, Inc., an industry leader in healthcare revenue cycle management outsourcing solutions, announced recently it has successfully completed a SAS 70 Type II Audit.More

Patients want online access to radiology reports
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
Most patients want online access to their radiology test results — even if the findings are difficult to understand and their doctor might not be available to discuss them right away. That's according to a study published this week in the Journal of the American College of Radiology. Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center presented 53 adult imaging center patients with three simulated scenarios designed to determine if, and how quickly, patients want online access to radiology test results.More

Technology, economic pressures spark increase in teleradiology
Imaging Economics
Rapid advances in technology and ongoing economic pressures have sparked reliance on teleradiology services among an increasing number of healthcare providers. Nearly half of all radiology practices use an external provider to supplement their staff, a threefold increase in the last decade. As the authors of a study on teleradiology published in AJR Online observed, "The spread of external teleradiology services represents a large-scale change in radiology whose speed has rarely been equaled."More

Study shows there's no time like present for bad news
Imaging Biz
The seven-day turnaround time commonly used by hospital imaging staff to give themselves a cushion for reading scans may no longer be sufficient for patients in the Information Age. A pilot study published in the April 2012 issue of the Journal of the American College of Radiology shows that, even when faced with the prospect of digesting bad news without the aid of their primary or referring physician, patients want to know their test results as soon as possible.More

Stanford: Ventriculography is expensive and overused
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
Left ventriculography is an expensive and often unnecessary test that is routinely overused, according to a new study in the American Heart Journal from Stanford University. It's also invasive, adding unnecessary risks and costs to the cardiac workup. Ventriculography, developed 50 years ago to measure ejection fraction, is commonly performed as an add-on procedure during invasive CT angiography, at a cost of $300, the researchers wrote in a statement accompanying the study's release.More

Healthcare job growth slows in March, but Q1 strong
Health Leaders Media
The healthcare sector created 26,000 jobs in March, a precipitous deceleration in growth when compared with the first two months of 2012, new federal data shows. Even with the slowdown, healthcare job growth is outstripping the pace set in 2011. The sector created 101,800 jobs in the first quarter of 2012 compared with the 61,000 jobs created in the first three months of 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports.More

Healthcare deficit calculator coughs up grim results without reform
Health Imaging
With projections of long-term deficits dependent on projection of healthcare costs, the Center for Economic and Policy Research has updated its HealthCare Budget Deficit Calculator to show what long-term budget deficits would look like if the U.S. did not pay as much for healthcare. Spoiler alert: It doesn't look good. "If the United States had per person healthcare costs that were comparable to costs in other wealthy countries, then we would be looking at long-term budget surpluses not deficits," CEPR said.More