Jun. 4, 2013

New 2013 RBMA members: Use your RBMA Bucks before they expire
Every new Active or Second member who joined RBMA for 2013 is eligible to receive the RBMA "Briefcase" that includes the following sample of benefits to use immediately:

Please note that your RBMA Bucks will expire on June 30. To redeem that benefit and use the full $360 toward the Fall Educational Conference, order your RBMA Bucks voucher here. Then complete a reservation form for the Fall Educational Conference here. This will ensure that you can apply your $360 RBMA Bucks to the Fall Educational Conference.* Contact membership@rbma.org if you have any questions.

*You will not be obligated for the balance of the registration fee until you complete and submit the official Fall Educational Conference registration form.More

Apply for a scholarship and attend the RBMA Fall Educational Conference for FREE
The vRad Education Scholarship is awarded to individuals who are current members of RBMA and who have not attended an RBMA conference in the last three years. The scholarship will cover registration fees and other costs qualified applicants incur for attending the meeting, up to $1,500.

The deadline to submit your application for a vRad Education Scholarship to use toward the Fall Educational Conference is July 5. Click here for details.More

Become a Radiology Certified Coder this year!
The RCCB® certification program is designed to seek out the motivated coder desiring to become an expert in the field.

Employers who have certified coders can feel confident that billing claims are submitted with accurate and compliant codes. The result is higher reimbursements faster.

Coders who are certified give credibility to the vocation and are viewed as professionals in the field. Certification increases employment opportunities and creates personal success.

RCCB has made the process to become certified easier by offering computer-based testing at 20 locations nationwide. The next available test dates are July 22-26. To reserve your spot and invest in your career's future, please submit your application to the RCCB office no later than June 17.

Click here for more information.More

Calendar of events
Click here for this week's RBMA calendar of events.More

IMAGINE Software Senior Management Consultant Steve Schreiber named 2013 RBMA Fellow
IMAGINE Software Senior Management Consultant Steve Schreiber has been recognized as a 2013 Fellow of the Radiology Business Management Association. Schreiber, along with the four other members of the 2013 class of fellows, was inducted during the RBMA 2013 Radiology Summit in May in Colorado Springs, Colo.More

RamSoft partners with DatumMedics to offer enhanced radiology workflow solutions in Finland, Sweden and Estonia
RamSoft, a leader in RIS, PACS, Teleradiology, Routing and Viewing solutions, announces its partnership with DatumMedics to distribute its complete line of fully-customizable radiology workflow solutions in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.More

DataMAXX: You've got to give a little
Imaging Biz
The RBMA took the opportunity to soft-launch its new data warehouse, DataMAXX, at the recent Summit, and the good news is that it is free — almost. If you want basic reports only, the cost of participating is to contribute your data to run unlimited number of customized reports. If members do not want to contribute, then the cost is $500. Premium reporting also entails a fee, but offers more flexibility in sorting the data by size of practice and geography.More

See what you missed at the Radiology Summit on Facebook
If you were unable to attend the Radiology Summit or did attend and want to see what you may have missed, visit the RBMA Facebook page. If you did attend and find yourself in any of the images, please go ahead and tag yourself to share with friends and colleagues! More

RBMA: To thrive, imaging groups must dare to be different
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
Radiology practices face serious challenges in their efforts to be the preferred imaging choice in their markets, especially because the field is so crowded, according to a May 22 presentation at the Radiology Business Management Association meeting in Colorado Springs, Colo. The key to survival? Truly distinguishing your group from other providers.More

Obamacare's effect on radiology: Big, but gradual
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
Obamacare is expected to have far-reaching effects on radiology and the rest of the healthcare delivery system, but the changes for providers are expected to be gradual, as the traditional fee-for-service structure is retained at most facilities. So concluded a talk that looked at the impact of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act on radiology at the recent Virtual Symposium on Radiation Safety and Computed Tomography.More

4 tips to EMR implementation success
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
When it comes to the implementation of new technologies,, radiology is considered a leader among medical specialties. True-to-form, the industry is now on the leading edge of employing electronic medical records, as practitioners move to take advantage of federal incentives in the meaningful use program. Despite their tendency to be tech-savvy, radiologists still could use some guidance for successful EMR implementation.More

6 ways Obamacare changes insurance premiums
The Washington Post
Perhaps it's worth simplifying this discussion about premiums under Obamacare a bit. This whole conversation is about the individual insurance exchanges, which effectively replace today's individual market (and have nothing to do with the insurance offered by Medicare, Medicaid or employers). If all goes well, a bit less than 10 percent of the population will get insurance through these exchanges by 2023.More

Most doctors don't meet US push for electronic records
Fewer than 1 in 10 doctors used electronic records last year to U.S. standards, according to a survey that shows the challenge facing a multibillion-dollar effort to digitize the health system for improved patient care. Only 9.8 percent of 1,820 primary-care and specialty doctors said they had electronic systems that met U.S. rules for "meaningful use," a list of tasks such as tracking referrals or filling prescriptions online.More

Study: Immigrants are net contributors to US Medicare program
Reuters via The Baltimore Sun
Immigrants for years have paid far more into Medicare's coffers than they have pulled out, effectively subsidizing rising healthcare payments to the aging U.S. population, a study showed. The analysis from Harvard Medical School showed immigrants generated a $13.8 billion surplus for the U.S. government healthcare program for the elderly in 2009, the most recent figures available. More

Medicare to remain solvent until 2026
Health Imaging
The Medicare Trustees released its annual report May 31 and projected that the Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust fund will remain solvent two years longer than last year's projection, or until 2026. The trustees attributed longer projected solvency to lower-than-expected Part A spending in 2012 and lower projected Medicare Advantage program costs. CMS referred to data from the Medicare Advantage program that show Affordable Care Act provisions will help curb spending growth.More