Jun. 23, 2015

RBMA member benefit: Member directory
All RBMA members have access to an online member directory where you can locate colleagues and their contact information. This useful tool features a dynamic search capability, which allows you to search by last name, first name, company, city or state (or any combination of those filters). The online member directory is password protected, so your information is safe and only viewable by other RBMA members.

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RBMA Thought Leader sponsor highlight: InstaMed
RBMA is pleased to announce that InstaMed is participating in the RBMA Thought Leader Sponsorship Program. Under this program, InstaMed will have the opportunity to share their industry expertise and discuss industry trends with RBMA leadership as part of the new Corporate Advisory Council. In addition, they will have the opportunity to showcase their involvement in the industry through several marketing options.

"The Thought Leader Sponsorship offered us the opportunity to connect with RBMA members and the Board on the challenges and latest trends in the healthcare industry, especially increased patient payment responsibility and inefficient, costly payment processes," said Mark Snow. "In addition, it offered multiple channels, including blog posts and speaking engagements, to allow us to share our industry expertise."

InstaMed simplifies every healthcare clearinghouse and payment transaction for providers and payors, all in one place. InstaMed enables providers to collect more money, get paid faster, and reduce the time and costs to collect.More

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ACR-RBMA Practice Leaders Forum coming in 2016
Position your practice for success in the new healthcare system at this all-new meeting for radiology practice leaders and management professionals. Discover the business trends and best practices that will optimize your practice performance and keep you ahead of emerging changes in healthcare. Bring your team members and SAVE! Jan. 15-17, 2016 in Phoenix, Ariz. Register now.More

New Radiology Business 101 online courses now available
RBMA U, RBMA's online learning environment, has released four courses under Radiology Business 101. The following courses are now available for purchase:

Courses may be purchased individually, or save by purchasing the entire Radiology Business 101 program.

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Are you a competitor, a valued partner or invisible?
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
Independent radiology practices need to understand how their hospital and health system partners really view them in order to remain viable. RBMA writer Lena Kauffman reports on a presentation given by Keith Chew, MHA,CMPE, and William Pickart, CEO of Integrated Medical Partners, at the 2015 Radiology Summit that addresses and defines these three scenarios.More

13 tips for negotiating a capitated agreement in radiology
Don't lose sleep about risk-based contracting and capitation becoming more prevalent. There are ways to make these arrangements work out in your favor, particularly if you are already in a tough radiology market.More

To fee or not to fee: What was the question?
An experienced leader in practice management compares the advantages and challenges of implementing one fee schedule versus multiple fee schedules in imaging center practice management.More

Succession planning for radiology practices
There is a reality that most radiology groups out there have no plan in place for when their leadership retires, and it seems the most common approach to succession planning among radiology practices is no approach at all. RBMA member David Myrice, CPA, MBA, articulated how to train future leaders and treat your departing leaders in an article recently published on behalf of RBMA in Executive Insight.More

United Radiology Group chooses Zotec Partners for revenue cycle management
Zotec Partners
Zotec Partners, the industry leader in radiology physician billing and practice management services, welcomes Salina, Kan.-based United Radiology Group as a new revenue cycle management client.More

Big data provides tool to shape future of radiology payments
Radiology Business
Researchers have interrogated the DRG database to come up with initial targets for help with negotiating bundled payments. Data is fairly easy to aggregate in large amounts. The problem, according to David A. Rosman, MD, MBA, is making sense of it all. Rosman, a radiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, made that point at a session he moderated on "The Future of Radiology Payments: Can Analytics Help Radiologists Regain Control" in 2014.More

Finding hidden revenue in your fee schedule
Physicians Practice (registration required)
When was the last time you took a good look at your fee schedule? A really good look. Would you know what to look for? Some people really just see a bunch of dollar amounts, but what do those amounts mean and how can you improve your bottom line by updating these? More

Panacea on new coding changes: Medically unlikely edits
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
For 2015, the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services added a new feature to the National Correct Coding Initiative edits that hospital and physician office staff should understand. The NCCI edits now incorporate several other types of edits, including medically unlikely edits which incorporate three new MUE adjudication indicators. More

The difficult transition to value-based payment
HealthLeaders Media
Fittingly for Florida in June, healthcare finance executives are feeling the heat. With commercial insurance carriers and Medicare squeezing payment rates in the ongoing drive to reward providers for value rather than volume in the delivery of medical services, healthcare finance executives are scrambling to identify their weaknesses and retool their organizations for value-based care. More

Funding bill would provide boost to NIH, terminate AHRQ
Health Imaging
A House subcommittee has approved a draft fiscal year 2016 Labor, Health and Human Services funding bill that would increase funding for the National Institutes of Health by $1.1 billion, but also puts the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality on the chopping block. The increase in NIH funding comes after director Francis Collins, MD, PhD, spoke at the most recent annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America last fall calling for more resources. More

Medical insurance is good for financial health, too
The New York Times
People who have health insurance have less health-related financial stress. That's a not-so surprising finding from a recent survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There's good reason to expect the Affordable Care Act to reduce financial strain. Exposure to healthcare costs fell for those who gained coverage, as it has for those whose coverage became more generous, too. More