Jul. 15, 2014

Registration for the RBMA Fall Educational Conference is open!
Join RBMA this fall as colleagues and friends head to the Pacific Northwest for the RBMA Fall Educational Conference. Plan your stay by registering to attend today!

RBMA Fall Educational Conference
Oct. 19-21
The Westin Seattle
Seattle, Wash.

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DataMAXX 2.0 is collecting compensation information for 66 radiology specific positions
Radiology practice managers have long identified the need for comparative compensation statistics across a wide range of positions in radiology practices. DataMAXX 2.0 is the answer.

By submitting your data into DataMAXX's improved compensation module, you will gain access to reports to benchmark your practice against your peers. The module collects data and reports compensation statistics for 66 administrative/managerial, front and back office, clinical support, non-physician clinical and physician positions. It also includes statistics on average days off by leave category for seven position classifications.

RBMA members may contribute their compensation data at any time via DataMAXX, but if you submit your data by Aug. 1, your data will be included in official statistics.

It's free to submit data and run basic reports. Click here to get started.

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ACR-RBMA Forum highlights and exhibits
Arrive in Seattle a few days before the Fall Educational Conference and attend the ACR-RBMA Forum. Highlights you can expect:

Exhibitors! Interested in exhibiting? Contact Daphne Gawronski at 703-621-3353 for more information. Please click here to view sponsorship opportunities.

Register today.

ACR-RBMA Forum: Thriving in the New Value Paradigm
Oct. 17-18
W Seattle Hotel
Seattle, WA 98101

Two vRad education scholarships available for 2014 Fall Educational Conference
Two scholarships remain for the 2014 Fall Educational Conference in Seattle, Oct. 19-21! If you've wanted to attend an RBMA conference for years and just can't seem to find it in the budget — now is your chance!

Applications are now being accepted and are due by Aug. 15.

For more information on criteria or to apply, please visit www.rbma.org/vrad.

Virtual Radiologic (vRad) is a technology-enabled national radiology practice working in partnership with local radiologists and hospitals to optimize radiology's pivotal role in patient care. vRad's more than 350 radiologists serve 2,700-plus facilities, reading 7 million studies annually. For more information, visit www.vrad.com. More

New 2014 members: Use your $100 coupon for the Fall Educational Conference
Any brand new Primary or Secondary non-Corporate members who joined RBMA in 2014 received a $100 coupon to use toward any RBMA event registration or Shop RBMA product. The RBMA Fall Educational Conference is a perfect event to redeem your coupon for and have one last chance this year to experience RBMA education live.

A link to redeem your coupon was included in your new member welcome letter. If you need assistance in locating your link, please contact membership@rbma.org.

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Check out the Ra-DEAL-ology deal of the month
Ra-DEAL-ology is a limited time DEAL offered through RBMA by participating industry vendors and suppliers. Ra-DEAL-ology offers members discounts or special incentives toward products or services available for radiology practices. The DEALs are available for a limited amount of time and must be redeemed with the participating vendor during the active time of the deal.

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Social media for vendors
Social media has become a mainstream marketing vehicle that has reached the radiology industry. How can vendors make the best use of social media and create business success?More

RBMA Conference mobile app engages attendees
Uncover new sponsorship opportunities and generate revenue with RBMA's mobile event app. This highly interactive app allows vendors to encourage booth traffic and gain added visibility by pushing out notifications during the conference, pinning posts to the internal newsfeed and allowing attendees to unlock custom badges. Before the Fall Educational Conference consider becoming a mobile app sponsor. There are three levels to choose from.More

Trade show trends
According to the results of Exhibit Surveys Inc.'s Trade Show Trends report, the exhibition industry held steady in 2013, with a small yet significant increase in traffic density. Despite what feels like a performance plateau, trade shows continue to attract attendees with the power and intention to buy. More

Zotec Partners hires medical billing veteran as partner of corporate strategy
Zotec Partners
Zotec Partners, LLC, a leading provider of billing and practice management services to hospital-based physicians, is pleased to announce that it has hired esteemed industry veteran Mark Scruggs, as a partner of corporate strategy.More

Radiology claim denied, but why?
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
Radiology is among the top five specialties with the most unexpected denials, according to RemitDATA, a company that provides analytics regarding unexpected denials at practices all over the country. Aaron Hood, RemitData's vice president of product management, walks us through the trends of radiology denials and offers remedies for optimizing your workflow and minimizing the number of unexpected denials.More

New CMS payment cuts skip imaging to focus on radiation therapy
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
The U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has released proposed payment rates for 2015. The agency's all-powerful gaze skipped over medical imaging to land once again on radiation oncology, which is being targeted for additional payment cuts. Under the proposed Medicare Physician Fee Schedule for 2015, reimbursement for radiation oncology services would be cut by 4 percent, while payments to radiation therapy centers would be cut by 8 percent.More

Many healthcare consumers surprised and confused by out-of-pocket costs and bills
Radiology Business Journal
Radiology groups are continuously being required to run their businesses more efficiently due to the current healthcare environment, in which reimbursements are declining and consumers are shouldering more of their own healthcare expenses under the new healthcare law. Despite the shift in financial responsibility, consumers don't seem to know about it. More

Survey: Admins want to integrate cardiovascular PACS and information systems
Health Imaging
Cardiology departments in U.S. hospitals are looking to more closely integrate their cardiovascular PACS and cardiovascular information systems, according to a report from market research consulting firm IMV. The report, "2014 Cardiology Information Continuum: Present Access and Future Integration Strategies for Cardiovascular Information Technology," is based on a survey of 194 department administrators. More

Standardize EMRs, for security and safety's sake
The foundation hospitals built when they overwhelmingly adopted electronic medical records is trembling under the weight of concerns over security and lack of standardization. Healthcare organizations already see plenty of benefits from EMRs. The Internet is full of success stories detailing how hospitals save and improve lives, reduce costs and enhance research capabilities through new access to real-time data.More

Independence Blue Cross touts positve results from ACO payment model
Philadelphia Business Journal
Independence Blue Cross, the Philadelphia region's largest health insurer, said its accountable-care organization payment model is yielding tangible results. According to IBC, about 90 percent of region's healthcare delivery systems are participating in the ACO payment model. More