Jul. 16, 2013

Make the most out of your time
Join Thomas Hudgin when he presents Where Does the Time Go? at the upcoming Fall Educational Conference. Learn about setting realistic goals, reasons for time problems, doing it right the first time, ways to reduce workload, setting up time allocations for jobs, solutions to paperwork, dealing with interruptions and distractions, working smarter, doing the important tasks during your peak energy levels, effective problem solving, improving communications, managing stress and making positive stress work for you.

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RBMA Fall Educational Conference
Sept. 8-11
Seaport Hotel and Seaport World Trade Center
Boston, Mass.

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Register for the next Radiology Certified Coder® Exam by Aug. 12
The demand for Radiology Certified Coders (RCC®) is greater than ever. As the deadline for ICD-10 implementation approaches, more and more practices are realizing the importance of hiring coders who have excelled in the field and have passed the radiology coding certification exam.

The next exam will be administered Sept. 16-20 at various test locations throughout the country. Applications must be in the RCCB office no later than Aug. 12.

Create personal achievement and success for your practice by investing in the Radiology Coding Certification program.

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vRad Education Scholarship awarded to 5 outstanding candidates
It gives us great pleasure to announce the five vRad Education Scholarship recipients to attend the 2013 RBMA Fall Educational Conference on Sept. 8-11 in Boston, Mass.:

Through a partnership with Virtual Radiologic (vRad), RBMA offers six $1,500 education scholarships per year.

"Our partnership with RBMA, a leader in educating radiology business professionals on industry advances, allows us to lend our expertise and direct resources toward supporting radiology group practices," said George Morgan, president and chief executive officer of vRad. "This collaboration increases access to education, and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and networking opportunities to improve practice resilience."

Virtual Radiologic (vRad) is a technology-enabled national radiology practice working in partnership with local radiologists and hospitals to optimize radiology's pivotal role in patient care. vRad's more than 350 radiologists serve 2,700-plus facilities, reading 7 million studies annually. For more information, visit www.vrad.com.More

Calendar of events
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Who should do your radiology billing?
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
When it comes to medical billing, there are two options: in-house billing and outsourced billing. The question is which one is right for your specific radiology group. With reimbursement shrinking, radiologists must weigh the pros and cons of both options.More

The prescription for patient engagement
Health Imaging
Patient engagement has been dubbed the blockbuster drug of the 21st century. Proponents point to studies suggesting it improves care, saves lives and cuts costs. Data are so persuasive that policymakers have addressed patient engagement in Meaningful Use measures and the Affordable Care Act via quality metrics in accountable care organizations and medical homes.More

The future of the hospital-based radiology group
Imaging Biz
As the demands placed on hospitals and health systems continue to intensify, the hospital-based radiology group will have to evolve to meet its constituents' changing needs, according to Chad Calendine, MD, CMO of Optimal Radiology Partners. More

Proposed 2014 physician fee schedule does not include MPPR
Imaging Biz
Although the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services could have proposed creating a 50 percent multiple procedure payment reduction on the professional component of advanced imaging (as it did in 2011), or elected to expand the MPPR to all forms of imaging, it decided to drop the issue for this year instead. More

Easy tips to ensure your practice gets paid on time — and in total — for treatment
By Jan Keller
In the current economic environment, the collection of accounts receivable becomes more of a challenge each day. There are several easy steps to take, however, that can help. This article takes a look at a few that you can implement easily and quickly in your practice.More

ACR comments on House Republican's SGR repeal draft
Imaging Biz
Repealing the sustainable growth rate formula and its threatened drastic cuts to Medicare physician payments is something the ACR has long supported, but many questions remain in the draft legislation that keeps the College from giving it its full support, writes ACR Board of Chancellors Chairman, Paul H. Ellenbogen, MD, FACR, in a letter to the House Energy and Commerce Committee's leadership. More

Proposed Medicare physician fees' winners and losers
HealthLeaders Media
Some of the biggest cuts are aimed at independent testing laboratories, which see 26 percent of their fees slashed, followed by radiation therapy centers, which may lose 13 percent under CMS's "particularly complicated," proposed changes. The proposed rule governing next year's physician fee schedules released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services clearly show the winners and losers in primary care and specialty physician paychecks starting Jan. 1.More

ACR president on reimbursement cuts, industry goals
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
Radiology services have been a target of federal reimbursement cuts for the last several years. And most of these cuts, said Albert Blumberg, MD, FACR, president of the American College of Radiology, are not based in logic. These reimbursement policies represent a common thread between radiologists and radiation oncologists, said Blumberg, himself a radiation oncologist.More

Persuading young adults to buy into health care takes new tack
Minnesota Public Radio
Robert Bauer is young, lean and healthy — just the kind of person the government wants to buy into its new health insurance exchanges. Bauer though, doesn't see the need. The 24-year-old works in organic farm fields three days a week, and prides himself on eating well. He's uninsured now and doesn't plan to buy coverage this fall in the exchanges, a key part of the federal overhaul of health programs in the Affordable Care Act. More