Jul. 21, 2015

RBMA member benefit: FedEx Rewards program added to RBMA shipping program
PartnerShip customers are now able to obtain a free membership in the new My FedEx Rewards program. In addition to the small-package discounts you enjoy through the RBMA PartnerShip-managed shipping program, My FedEx Rewards lets you earn gift cards and brand-name merchandise when you ship.

Join the My FedEx Rewards program, and you’ll receive exclusive offers that typically run for eight weeks. After you activate an offer, you can easily track your progress; and once you reach an offer goal, you get to pick out your reward.

RBMA has partnered with PartnerShip for nearly three years to provide members with shipping discounts! Visit www.rbma.org/discounts for more information on how to enroll in the RBMA Shipping Program (login required).

RBMA endorses this program, which provides significant discounts to RBMA members as an added benefit to your membership! RBMA receives a small royalty in return for endorsing these programs, which is rolled back into member benefits by offsetting programs costs so we can keep membership dues low. The RBMA uses care in the selection of products or services to endorse but does not make any guarantee of performance of the endorsed product or services. RBMA members are solely responsible for the decision to utilize any endorsed product or service.

If you have any questions or concerns about any of RBMA’s Affinity Programs or have a suggested program for RBMA to consider endorsing in the future, please contact us at membership@rbma.org.More

What's next in IT tools for the radiologist?
There is a critical need for a new generation of “meaningful innovation” in radiology IT that will allow radiology to maximize value to patients and other stakeholders throughout the enterprise. Join Dr. Paul Chang when he presents Re-Engineering Radiology to Optimize Value Innovation: The Return of the “Doctor’s Doctor” on Tuesday, Sept. 29, at the RBMA Fall Educational Conference. Learn how modern radiology constraints and requirements demand a greater degree of "meaningful innovation" in imaging IT and informatics; identify the next generation of IT tools and models that will help differentiate radiologists as value innovators rather than commodity-level service providers; and discover how by redefining and re-engineering itself, radiology will be able to improve quality, workflow efficiency and productivity.

Register to attend today!

RBMA 2015 Fall Educational Conference
Sept. 27-29, 2015
Hilton Austin
Austin, Texas

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Scholarships for 2015 Fall Educational Conference in Austin — Applications due Friday!
A reminder that RBMA has two vRad Education Scholarships remaining for the 2015 Fall Educational Conference in Austin, Texas, Sept. 27-29, 2015! If you’ve wanted to attend an RBMA conference for years and just can’t seem to find it in the budget – now is your chance!

The deadline for applications is this Friday, July 24, 2015!

For more information on criteria or to apply, please visit www.rbma.org/vrad.

Virtual Radiologic (vRad) is a technology-enabled national radiology practice working in partnership with local radiologists and hospitals to optimize radiology's pivotal role in patient care. vRad's more than 350 radiologists serve 2,700-plus facilities, reading 7 million studies annually. For more information, visit www.vrad.com.More

RBMA comments on digital imaging costs in CMS' CY 2016 MPFS Proposed Rule
RBMA calls CMS’ new PACS workstation value a step in the right direction. To read the entire comment click here.More

RBMA is looking for speakers for the 2016 Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs seminar
If you are a radiology marketing professional and would like to share your expertise, consider submitting your topic for consideration for next year’s Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs to be held March 6-8, 2016, at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nev.

The deadline to submit topics has been extended to July 24, 2015.

Click here to apply.More

RBMA U releases one more online course
One more course under the Radiology Business 101 program is now available for purchase. In line with the RBMA Common Body of Knowledge, QCR-004 Patient Safety, Satisfaction & Engagement falls under the Quality, Compliance and Risk Management domain. Taught by Kathleen G. Bailey, CPA, MBA, CPC, CPMA, CPC-I, CCS-PK, this course is designed to acquaint radiology managers with the basic tools to develop patient safety and satisfaction programs.

QCR-004 may be purchased separately or as part of the full Radiology Business 101 program.

Find out more about RBMA U here.More

DataMAXX — Did you know? MSOs can submit clients' compensation data
Practices’ compensation data can be submitted by RBMA members from either practices or management services organizations. We urge you to be proactive: If you are with an MSO, please ask your clients if you may submit their data. If you are with a practice that outsources its practice management, please ask your vendor to submit data on your behalf or to provide you with the data needed to participate. All respondents will receive the official report. Click here to download the Excel® questionnaire file.

Click here or contact cynthia.vervena@rbma.org for more information.More

Two approaches to simplifying radiology accounts receivable
Understanding your accounts receivable granularly can be critical for managing your radiology business’s finances, but sorting claims by narrow criteria can be a complex task. To address this problem, Merge Financials™ v7.1 release includes two new features — a Divisional Layer feature that allows customers to bill for multiple tax IDs under a single SQL database and a new A/R follow-up system in the Work Queues feature.More

Zotec Partners launches distinctive new technology to help physicians with workflow management, staffing and productivity
Zotec Partners
Zotec Partners, an industry-leading provider of radiology billing and practice management services, is pleased to announce the launch of the Zotec Interface for Physician Productivity (ZiPP) for radiologists and radiology practices. ZiPP is an unprecedented new technology designed to give radiology practices strategic information about their business so they can gain a competitive edge when facing today's toughest healthcare complexities.More

Radiology still a profit center
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
Radiology managers don't expect to lose profit from diagnostic imaging or interventional radiology, according to the latest Medical Imaging Confidence Index. The quarterly MICI report surveys imaging directors/managers on their confidence levels regarding growth, reimbursement, internal operating costs, access to capital, and growth as a profit center. More

Unexpectedly robust Medicaid enrollment distresses state budgeters
Health Imaging
At least 14 of the 30 states that took up the Affordable Care Act's offer of federal aid to expand Medicaid are now fretting that they will have to make wrenching budgetary choices in two years, when the dollars from Washington start to diminish. The problem is skyrocketing enrollment, according to an Associated Press analysis of state budget projections, Medicaid enrollments and cost details in the 30 expansion states. More

Digital pathology, the vision bridging specialties, improving care, cutting costs
Imaging Biz
When it comes to diagnosing cancer, radiologists examine digital images and pathologists scrutinize slides. Only occasionally do the two collaborate prior to meetings of the tumor board or multidisciplinary team. Wouldn't it better serve all parties involved — oncologists, surgeons and, first and foremost, patients — to unite the two main diagnosticians in a common, speedy workflow that launches the moment each sits down to interpret his or her respective visuals? More

Achieving EHR usability
HealthLeaders Media
Electronic health records are doing more than ever, but providers are challenged like never before to find ways to make them easier to work with and more productive; in short, more usable. In January, the American Medical Association, joined by 34 other medical professional organizations, told government regulators there is an urgent need to change the current federal EHR certification program to better align end-to-end testing to focus on EHR usability, interoperability and safety. More

3 steps to preventing data breaches in your practice
Physicians Practice (registration required)
Every few weeks, there's a headline about a healthcare organization that's been victimized by a hacker or a disgruntled employee. What is your practice doing to protect its data against theft? It can be a balancing act for physician practices that want to provide access to patient information in the EHR and elsewhere, while preventing data breaches.More

A revolution in how doctors are paid isn't really changing how doctors are paid
The Washington Post
It's one of the grand ideas that is supposed to revolutionize U.S. healthcare: reward doctors who keep patients well with fewer tests, procedures and appointments. That might register as barely profound to most of us, but it is a radical shift in the incentives that doctors and hospitals face. Under the Affordable Care Act, some doctor's groups and hospitals have banded together in accountable care organizations to treat Medicare patients under this new philosophy.More