Aug. 19, 2014

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Does one or more of the hospitals to which you provide imaging services pay your practice for the services of a medical director or department chair?
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RBMA member benefit: New DIM rules will impact small package shipping
Small package carriers FedEx and UPS recently announced that dimensional weight pricing will apply to all ground shipments in 2015. This means that instead of charging by weight alone, all ground packages will now be priced according to size as well. This is a significant change from the rating structure in place today and it could ultimately mean an additional increase in your shipping costs.

PartnerShip®, the company that manages the RBMA Shipping Program, has put together a report to help you determine what this will mean for you and your business in 2015. Click here to download it.

Securing discounts for your small package shipments is one of the best ways to offset this rate increase. PartnerShip offers RBMA members discounts on select FedEx® services. If you're not already enrolled in the RBMA Shipping Program, visit PartnerShip.com/12RBMA to sign up for these exclusive discounts. For more information, call PartnerShip at 800-599-2902 or email sales@PartnerShip.com.

RBMA endorses this and other programs, which provide significant discounts to RBMA members as an added benefit to your membership! RBMA receives a small royalty in return for endorsing these programs, which is rolled back into member benefits by offsetting programs costs so we can keep membership dues low. The RBMA uses care in the selection of products or services to endorse but does not make any guarantee of performance of the endorsed product or services. RBMA members are solely responsible for the decision to utilize any endorsed product or service.

For more information on this and other endorsed programs, please visit www.rbma.org/discounts and start SAVING today!

If you have any questions or concerns about any of RBMA's Affinity Programs or have a suggested program for RBMA to consider endorsing in the future, please contact us at membership@rbma.org.More

New session just added to the Fall Educational Conference
On Tuesday, Oct. 21, at the RBMA 2014 Fall Educational Conference, Nick DiCristo will present Tackling and Increasing Patient Pay. Sponsored by IMAGINE Software, this session will provide attendees with the necessary tools to combat challenges and decrease bad debt and high accounts receivable associated with patient pay. Learn to recognize current patient pay trends and the reasons behind non-payments. Find out how to utilize various technologies and patient communication methods for more effective collections, and discover how to establish strategies for creating and maintaining a successful patient payment program.

Join RBMA this fall for this valuable session and more!

Register to attend today.

2014 Fall Educational Conference
Oct. 19-21
Westin Seattle
Seattle, Wash.

Still time to win a free Fall Educational Conference registration
Take a few minutes to update your RBMA profile by Aug. 31 and we will enter your name into a drawing to win a free conference registration ($760 value).

By keeping your profile current, we can keep you up to date on RBMA activities and bring you the right information at the right time.

If you updated your profile after completing the 2014 Annual Members Assessment survey this summer, you are already entered to win.

Rules: Promotion is for RBMA members only. Members must completely fill out any incomplete fields (except changing username/password) in order to qualify. Any new members joining in August who update their profile online will also be entered to win. RBMA corporate members only need to update their personal profile (not Company Profile or Buyers Guide) in order to qualify. The lucky winner will be drawn by Sept. 5 and notified via email.

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RBMA offers online compliance training course
Radiology practices and all covered entities whose employees work with patients' Protected Health Information are required by law to provide each staff member with one hour of annual training. RBMA has an easy solution for training and documenting the training of your employees. Three 20-minute online modules, presented by Lori Shore, BS, CPC, RCC, followed by testing on the required information, allow your staff to obtain the necessary training at a convenient time, without interruption of normal workflow or the expense of holding an all employee training session. After successful completion of the testing, staff members who receive a passing grade of 80 percent will receive a certificate of completion. Modules can be retaken up to three times after a failed attempt.

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Forum subscriptions are available for $50
One of the most sought-after membership benefits can now be experienced by every staff member in the office for the rest of the year. For only $50, staff of RBMA members can access valuable information and feedback from colleagues and peers.

Currently, three of RBMA's Forums are available for staff subscriptions: Coding, Marketing and Practice Management. Choose the appropriate Forum for the appropriate staff member. Subscribe to one or more Forums for $50 per subscription.

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The RBMA Fall Educational Conference is not your usual tradeshow
RBMA is a community of radiology professionals that supports and encourages vendor engagement and participation. Over the past year, RBMA's leadership, vendor committee and staff have taken a vested interest in working toward a mutually beneficial exhibiting and sponsorship program that will ultimately provide vendors with a return on their investment.More

What's next for tradeshows?
Is the tradeshow dying? A new ASAE report examines the future of tradeshows and identifies five scenarios for what they might look like in 2016.More

Social networking is one thing, but what about business-to-business networking?
A new platform is now available for businesses to find each other so that these relationships can be easily formed. There is no longer an aching concern on whether one party is just trying to milk the other. Everyone knows what everyone brings to the table, and there is no confusion as to what the intent is of any of the interested parties.More

MBMS now providing billing and practice management services in Atlanta
MBMS is pleased to announce that it has been awarded the exclusive billing agreement with Atlanta's largest private practice radiology provider, Northside Radiology Associates. NRA has 50 highly sub-specialized and board-certified radiologists who continue to deliver the highest level of patient care to the community and are extremely well versed in all imaging modalities (including CT, MRI, mammography, PET/CT, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, pediatric imaging and interventional radiology).More

Software extracts ROI values on PACS viewers
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
Optical character recognition software can automatically and reliably capture region-of-interest values from images displayed on PACS viewers, potentially yielding significant time savings for radiologists, according to research published online in Academic Radiology. Using open-source OCR software and a macro program, researchers from South Korea found that their method was 100 percent accurate for capturing statistical values shown on PACS viewers for ROIs and automatically inputted into a spreadsheet. More

Does tort reform affect rates of diagnostic imaging services?
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
It's little known outside the healthcare industry that each hospital has a list of each procedure's price tag — and no two lists, commonly called the chargemaster, are the same. Chargemaster rates are routinely higher than the reimbursement rates from Medicare, but is there a price difference between states that have tort reform regulations that cap non-economic damages?More

Big data: The next big thing for EHR?
Physicians Practice
Jules Verne's science fiction was undoubtedly inspired by the burst of scientific and technological innovations that surrounded him during the later part of the 19th century. He imagined space flight and atomic powered submarines much as the creators of "Star Trek" imagined transporter beams and travel at speeds greater than the speed of light. More

HHS pressed on insurance discrimination claims
The Hill
Patient advocacy groups say health insurers are violating ObamaCare by discriminating against those with chronic diseases, and the groups are forcing the administration to respond. A Health and Human Services spokesperson cited by The Associated Press says a response is nearly prepped for advocacy organizations fighting AIDS, leukemia, epilepsy and other diseases. More

Hospitals must help patients access digital records — or else
The Columbus Dispatch
The digitization of healthcare records has long been heralded as the cure for familiar headaches that afflict patients and their families. No more hassles in getting medical records from your elderly father's hospital stay transferred to the nursing home where he'll recuperate. No more waiting to find out the result of that Pap smear; just go online and avoid playing phone tag with your doctor's office.More