Oct. 22, 2013

Renew your RBMA membership for 2014
Renewal season is upon us, and RBMA will be distributing hard copy invoices this week. Your prompt attention to your invoice is appreciated.

As a reminder, each invoice lists the primary account holder at the top, and all current additional and individual forum members below. You have the option of renewing, removing or changing each individual to a different member type. The back of the invoice explains our various member types and also allows you to add new members.

RBMA is committed to ease of use for our members, maintaining accurate member records and providing the highest standards of customer service for our members. Because of the success of last year's renewal process, we will not be offering online renewals this year.

Please remember that because of the primary/secondary structure of our dues, only primary members will receive an invoice for themselves and anyone attached to their account.

If you have any questions about the invoicing process, please don't hesitate to contact RBMA at 888.224.7262.More

Team registration available for Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs
The success of a practice often relies on the synergy between the marketing and operations departments. This year, RBMA is offering a full track of sessions geared toward operations and marketing, as well as a registration discount of $150 when you register as an Operations-Marketing Team! In order to take advantage of the team registration rate, both registrations must be completed together* and submitted at the same time.

Registration is now open.

Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs
March 9-11, 2014
The Renaissance Long Beach Hotel
Long Beach, Calif.

* Team registration will not apply to individuals from the same practice or company who wish to be added after the initial registration application was submitted.More

RBMA Stipends and Quality Measures mini-Survey closes this Friday
Please take 10-15 minutes of your time to complete RBMA's mini-Survey designed to collect information on hospital stipend types and amounts, elimination of stipends, quality measure types, and potential and actual bonus amounts for meeting or exceeding the quality measure standards. Responses are confidential, and will be reported only in aggregated form.

The mini-Survey will be open to RBMA members until Oct. 25.

An invitation with a link to access the mini-Survey was emailed to all RBMA members on Oct. 7; you can also access the mini-Survey through the RBMA website.More

RBMA 360: Resources for vendors
RBMA 360 offers 360 degrees of radiology resources for professionals in any radiology setting.

Corporate partners and industry vendors may now access resources especially for them through the Vendor link under Tools on the RBMA website. Here vendors can find all the marketing vehicles available to reach their RBMA buying audience, including print and electronic advertising, exhibiting, sponsorships and more!

In addition, RBMA 360 now has a quick, at-your-fingertips pull-down menu on the homepage that lists resources especially for vendors in one place. Simply click on "I am a" on the homepage and then on "Vendor" for the most recent resources available.More

RBMA Congressional update: Federal government reopens following House and Senate deal
The House and Senate passed H.R. 2775, a budget deal that allowed the country to avoid the fiscal cliff and reopened the federal government after a two-week shutdown. The deal passed the Senate 81-18 and the House 285-144, including 87 Republicans.

The deal is a relatively short-term fix that funds the government through Jan. 15 and suspends the debt limit through Feb. 7. It also empowers a bipartisan budget committee to analyze the budget and make recommendations to Congress. They plan to make their first round of recommendations by Dec. 13. The deal also includes a requirement that HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius submit by Jan. 1 a report on how the health insurance exchanges are verifying income. The inspector general will then have six months to report on how effective the verification measures are.

House Republicans had hoped to defund the Affordable Care Act with this legislation, but were unable to because of Senate Democrats. RBMA's Health Care and Congressional Update, created in collaboration with Washington, D.C., government affairs firm Roberti +White, describes recent developments in Congress along with progress on bills RBMA is tracking.More

MBMS Director of Practice Management Jason Cavallaro is featured speaker at the Northeast Chapter RBMA Meeting, Tarrytown, N.Y.
As the Chapter's Title Sponsor, Jason will represent MBMS as he delves into the topic of Innovative Analytics: Putting the Theoretical Into Practice. In today's constantly changing imaging environment, it is critical for practices to be armed with meaningful and appropriate data sets in order to support their positions, whether in negotiations with their hospitals, vendors or insurance carriers. Jason will use his over 15 years of consulting and client service experiences to address the importance of the creation of revenue forecasting models, how to effectively use charge monitoring tools, approaches to payment monitoring, and more.More

Why doctors hate EHR software
Information Week
By David F. Carr: Maybe this will be a "no duh" observation for those who work in healthcare or health IT, but a lot of doctors really hate the electronic health records software they're compelled to use. As an InformationWeek staffer recently assigned to this beat after occasionally covering health IT in the past, I was surprised how dissatisfied most doctors are with the usability of this software.More

RBMA member benefit: Chapter websites
Did you know RBMA Chapters have their own websites, housed on RBMA's website? Chapters are frequently updating their sites with news and upcoming meetings, so check back often! Each page also lists its Chapter officers. Visit www.rbma.org/Chapters to link to the Chapter websites. More

ICD-9 vs. ICD-10: What's the difference?
By Brooke Andrus
If you're a proponent of the old "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality, you might be a little reluctant to buy into all of this ICD-10 business. After all, you use ICD-9 now, and that seems to be working just fine. So why rock the boat? More

Talking to patients about imaging costs
Imaging Biz
An increasing number of health insurance plans, including many of those offered on the new Affordable Care Act health insurance exchanges, come with high deductibles that can make advanced diagnostic imaging hard for some patients to afford, even with insurance. How practices approach speaking with referral sources and patients about cost is a complicated issue. From a communications standpoint, it is always important to first identify the elephant in the room. More

Global imaging market could top $49 billion by 2020
Aunt Minnie (registration required)
The medical imaging device market could exceed $49 billion by 2020, growing at approximately 7 percent annually. The forecast comes from a new report by Research and Markets, which estimated the global medical imaging market is worth $30.2 billion this year and could advance to $32.3 billion in 2014. Demographics, such as an aging population, are a key factor in market growth, according to the firm.More

Obama admits website flaws on health law
The New York Times
President Barack Obama offered an impassioned defense of the Affordable Care Act on Monday, acknowledging the technical failures of the HealthCare.gov website but providing little new information about the problems with the online portal or efforts by government contractors to fix it. With Republican critics seizing on the website's issues as evidence of deeper flaws in the healthcare law, Obama sought to deflect attention from the continuing problems by focusing on ways to get coverage without going online. More

Efforts to reduce waste in healthcare leads to job loss for many
By Pamela Lewis Dolan
Job reports indicate hospitals and health systems are laying people off in quantities not seen since 2009. But the news should not be viewed as a cut in services. Rather, an effort to improve efficiencies and reduce waste, industry insiders say. For the third time in five months, the healthcare sector announced the most job cuts of any other industry, according to a recent layoff report prepared by the Chicago-based outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. More

4 ICD-10 staffing strategies
HealthLeaders Media
Healthcare providers need an ICD-10 strategy that includes adequately training medical coders and retaining them in their jobs. With an already extremely low unemployment rate, ICD-10 coders will be very much in demand. With the ICD-10 deadline a year away, hospitals and health systems are ramping up their staffing strategies to hire, train and retain their medical coding workforce in time for next year's transition.More

12 traits of good leaders who inspire and motivate
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
In today's healthcare environment, in which doing more with less is becoming the norm and change is the constant, inspiring and motivating employees can be challenging. There are 12 traits that good leaders practice to encourage employees that I refer to occasionally to help me be a better boss. After all, motivated and inspired employees only make our jobs easier. Here are 12 traits you can exhibit which, in return, can get higher productivity, respect and commitment. More