Oct. 28, 2014

RBMA U is officially open
RBMA U, RBMA's new online learning community, is now accepting enrollment for its first program, Radiology Business 101. Most courses are currently available.

Radiology Business 101 is designed as an overview course for new managers, managers who are looking for a refresh or anyone interested in pursuing a career in radiology management.

Radiology Business 101 is comprised of eight modules based on the domains developed for the RBMA Common Body of Knowledge. Taught by industry experts, each module includes four required core courses and two elective courses. Students must complete the four core courses and one elective to complete each module.

Courses may be purchased individually or the entire program may be purchased at a discounted rate. Students who complete each individual course will be issued a certificate of completion. Students who complete the entire program will receive an engraved plaque and a complimentary registration to an RBMA conference. Click here for more information.More

Register for the next complimentary webinar for RBMA members
Sponsored by Merge Software, the next webinar will be held:

Nov. 12
1-2 p.m. CT
Health Information Interoperability: IDNs, HIEs, referring practices and even patients are demanding new accessibility to health information. How can you accommodate?

Register here.More

DataMAXX® Productivity module opening soon
Have you ever wondered how productive your technologists and radiologists are compared with those at other practices? Soon you will be able to find out! By submitting your data to the new DataMAXX® Productivity module, you will gain access to reports that benchmark your practice against your peers. Productivity measures include practice average procedures and TC RVUs per technologist and imaging machine by modality, as well as procedures, PC and work RVUs per radiologist. And it's not too late to submit your accounts receivable and compensation data.

It's free to submit data and run basic reports. Visit www.rbma.org/datamaxx to get started.More

Subscribe to the new ICD-10 Preparedness Forum
RBMA is pleased to announce the creation of an additional forum: ICD-10 Preparedness. All RBMA members have the benefit of participating in RBMA forums — the best way to network and share information. The forums allow you to send and receive emails using your preferred email address so you can post your own inquiries or respond to others without leaving the comfort of your own email account.

Forums are a members-only benefit, but RBMA does permit forum-only subscriptions to the new ICD-10 Preparedness forum at a nominal price for staff of RBMA members.

To subscribe yourself or a member of your staff to RBMA forums, please click here!More

Don't miss out on our BEST DEAL OF THE YEAR!
Now is the best time to join RBMA! Pay your 2015 dues and get the remainder of 2014 at no charge. There is still time to make the most of your dues dollars.

Have you been thinking about bringing another member of your staff into RBMA membership? Or perhaps you have a few forum-only subscribers within your organization that you'd like to upgrade to full membership? Now is the time!

RBMA is over 2,000 members strong — help us to continue to grow. We are stronger with you. Join now.

For more information on this excellent promotion visit www.rbma.org/15for12 or contact us at membership@rbma.org.More

Best of the RBMA Fall Educational Conference App
"There's an App for that!" And RBMA has it — our meeting app — which allows attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and staff to connect virtually throughout RBMA conferences. It also is the go-to place for the conference schedule, session handouts, speaker information, exhibit hall floor plan, local attractions, photos and more!

The RBMA App was once again hugely successful at the Fall Educational Conference in Seattle. Check out our "best of":

"Employee engagement is directly tied to merit increases. Why should employees go the extra mile if it isn’t going to make a difference?" – Julie Anne Black

"Between networking with my peers and getting info from vendors, I feel re-invigorated!"
– Michelle Juette

"Excellent presentation on how easily our IT systems can be breached. Nicely done, David Anderson." – Tim Barrett

"Next time your board meets, are you going to invite the customer?"
– Michael Gonzales

"Congratulations and thank you to the RBMA Programs Committee leadership for an awesome selection of topics and a wonderful venue in Seattle!" – Bing Herald

"If you want to achieve greatness, stop asking for permission. Just do it!" – Cheryl Williams

"Vendors and members making progress through sharing." – Wendy Lomers

"Even us oldsters can learn something new from Pat Kroken’s advice to new managers!"
– Deborah MacFarlane

"Warning: there are fish being thrown all over the place at the Westin." – Charles McRae

"Knowing what happened yesterday in revenue cycle is business analytics. Knowing what is happening right now across the clinical and revenue sides is business intelligence. Knowing what’s going to happen tomorrow is business brilliance." – Stephen Willis

Thank you again to our RBMA Meeting App sponsors: Zotec Partners, IDS, Medinformatix, MBMS, MSN, OnQ, OPTUM360 and XIFIN.More

Do vendors have a role in stopping hackers?
The vendor's role has traditionally been to take care of the technical side of business systems. Should it also encompass the human element of offering advice to business partners on how to lock down systems and educate employees?More

Radiology practices using real data in the real world
Diagnostic Imaging
Operating a successful radiology practice has always required more than just keen financial instincts. And as practices get larger and more sophisticated, the era of managing by gut is most decidedly over. Diagnostic Imaging asked three Radiology Business Management Association members to share ways they are using data in real world situations to improve practices' performance. More

CIOs: Usability, search-related problems prevalent among EHRs
Poor usability is one of the top complaints chief information officers have about electronic health records, according to a survey by Frost & Sullivan, EHR Intelligence reports. The survey, conducted in partnership with the College of Healthcare Information Management Executives, polled CIOs at mid- and large-sized community hospitals between March and May. The survey was designed to gauge how CIOs feel about EHRs, particularly their search functionality.More

CT can often be swapped for chest tomosynthesis, reducing dose
Health Imaging
Chest tomosynthesis could streamline radiological work-up logistics as well as optimize an institution's CT resources and reduce effective radiation doses, according to a study published this month in Academic Radiology. Dr. Åse A. Johnsson, from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and colleagues sought to investigate potential benefits and drawbacks of the clinical use of CTS in terms of it precluding the need for an additional chest CT. They examined results from 149 individual CTS scans that occurred in March 2010. More

Canadian study: Mammograms cut breast cancer mortality rates by 40 percent
Aunt Minnie (Registration required)
You've heard of the controversial Canadian study that cast doubt on the effectiveness of mammography. Now, a new study from Canada has found that breast cancer screening reduces mortality rates by 40 percent across all ages, according to results published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.More

Adding HIE information to EHR data raises medication accuracy to 91 percent
EHR Intelligence
EHRs fare significantly better with the help of community health information exchange resources when it comes to medication list accuracy, finds a new study in the American Journal of Managed Care. While the EHRs at two sample hospitals captured an average of 80 percent of medications accurately, the addition of commercial database information and data from a community-based HIE was able to improve that number by 11 percent. The additional accuracy can be a crucial advantage during transitions of care, which are highly vulnerable to negative patient safety events.More

Computer-assisted coding market 'ripe' for growth as ICD-10 looms
As hospitals prepare to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10 coding by October 2015, computer-assisted coding tools will become increasingly important, so much so that, according to a new HIMSS Analytics report, they have the highest growth potential out of 25 support service applications.More