Dec. 6, 2011

Renew your RBMA membership by Dec. 31
RBMA membership is valid Jan. 1-Dec. 31. We are fast approaching the end of the year. Avoid a lapse in your membership benefits and renew your membership today.

To renew your membership immediately, use our quick and easy online renewal form!

When practices with multiple members are renewing, please remember the first member from a practice is the Active Member; all others are Additional Members. Renewal notices for practices with multiple members have been issued to the Active Member, with all additional group members listed. In order to keep our records consistent and for you to take full advantage of the $100 discount for Additional Members, RBMA requests that groups with multiple members renew together.

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ACR update webinar on Dec. 8: FREE to RBMA members
Join presenters Bibb Allen Jr., MD, RCC; Joshua Cooper; and Pamela Kassing, MPA, RCC, for a very important update from the ACR.

Join this webinar to:

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Still time to register for the Dec. 14 coding update audio seminar
Hosted by MedLearn, the Dec. 14 coding update audio seminar is offered at a discount to RBMA members. Find out the new 2012 codes and learn key revision to CPT® code definitions and instructions. Speaker Jeff Majchrzak, BA, RT(R), CNMT, RCC, CIRCC, will preview the coming year and explain how your organization likely will be affected.

Dec. 14
11 a.m.–1 p.m. CT

RBMA members will receive a $36 discount off the $225 price for this webcast.

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vRad offers scholarship for Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs
Virtual Radiologic, a technology-enabled national radiology practice, has partnered with the Radiology Business Management Association to provide RBMA members additional educational opportunities within the field of radiology.

vRad will award a $1,500 scholarship to RBMA members who have not attended an RBMA conference. The scholarships will cover registration fees and other costs qualified applicants incur for attending the meeting. Applicants must have been an RBMA member for at least two years.

vRad has expanded its offering to present a scholarship to RBMA's Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs, March 18-20 at the Westin Fort Lauderdale, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Scholarship applications also will be considered for the 2012 Radiology Summit. Submit your application by Jan. 13 and be sure to indicate which program you are interested in attending. Recipients for Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs will be announced Feb. 3.

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Register to attend RBMA's Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs
Registration has opened for one of RBMA's most well-attended seminars. Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs will offer three days of an intense, exceptionally fun learning experience in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Plus, attend the 7th annual Quest Awards Ceremony. Start collecting your showcase marketing samples. Entries now are being accepted. Click here to submit your Quest Awards entry.

Building Better Radiology Marketing Programs
March 18-20, 2012
Westin Fort Lauderdale
400 Corporate Drive
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334

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RBMA 2011* Accounts Receivable Performance Survey results now available
If you participated in the 2011 Accounts Receivable Survey you should have received a link to download the new electronic complimentary copy of the results by email. If you were not a participant but still would like to receive the survey results, they are available for purchase on the RBMA website under the Products & Resources tab.

Use RBMA surveys to compare your business to others in the industry, create a benchmark from which to grow, reveal where improvements can be made or validate your successes.

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Calendar of events
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Asset protection strategies for physicians
As physicians, many of you routinely expose your personal holdings to litigious patients. For this reason, asset protection planning is particularly important in your profession. Not only will time-tested and often simple asset protection planning techniques help place your most valuable assets beyond the reach of creditors, they will make you a less attractive target for litigants.More

Additional grants help states create health insurance exchanges
On Nov. 29, the Department of Health and Human Services provided almost $220 million in grants to 13 states for the purpose of establishing Affordable Insurance Exchanges.More

Department of Labor new disclosure rules: What employers must know
The Department of Labor issued final regulations that require plan administrators to disclose certain plan and investment-related information to participants and beneficiaries in individual account plans, including fees and expenses.More

Tough economy creates tough decisions for pension plans
The defined benefit pension plan is one of the little-discussed casualties of the economic and financial crises in recent years.More

Application allows radiology diagnosis via tablet, smartphone
Recent FDA clearance of GE Healthcare's Centricity mobile application lets radiologists use smartphones and tablets to make diagnoses from remote locations or in the field. It is the first mobile app with FDA clearance for primary diagnosis accessing select images and reports from the Centricity PACS. More

GAO: Enrollment still growing in Medicare Advantage plans
Kaiser Health News
Despite predictions that last year's health law would doom Medicare's private insurance plans, it's not happening — at least not yet. Enrollment in Medicare Advantage plans continues to grow at a brisk pace, rising to 8.4 million beneficiaries by April 2011, approximately 6 percent higher than April 2010, according to a recent report from the Government Accountability Office.More

Implementing meaningful use: Not a cakewalk yet
From a radiology perspective, meaningful use guidelines are challenging, with a minefield of unknowns and pitfalls. It's perhaps unsurprising, then, that a panel discussion on how radiology practices actually are handling meaningful use attracted quite a crowd at RSNA 2011.More

Health IT: Combating the VHS zombie in ultrasound
DOTmed News
From the highest levels of government to local diagnostic imaging centers, everyone is trying to find the right solutions for achieving the creation, secure storage and transmission of patient health information. For healthcare facilities considering making the switch from VHS to DVD recording, here are some important points to consider.More

In radiology marketing, a fine line between 'creative' and 'illegal'
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
Say your radiology practice wants to boost positron emission tomography referrals. Your marketing consultant comes up with an idea: For the first 50 referrals each month, referring physicians' offices get a Beanie Baby and educational materials, delivered in a plastic baggie emblazoned with your logo. "The P.E.T. of the Month Club," it'll be called. Good idea? Well, yes and no. Thumbs up for creativity — but it's a nonstarter, legally.More

WellPoint to cover lung CT for heavy smokers
Indianapolis-based insurer WellPoint is first out of the gate among the nation's insurers in deciding to cover low-dose CT screening for lung cancer in heavy smokers, company spokesperson Jill A. Becher confirmed to ImagingBiz recently.More

US offers new incentives for adopting EHRs
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is offering new incentives to hospitals and physicians' offices to speed the adoption of healthcare IT and to improve healthcare and create jobs.More

Hospital employment model not hitting radiology groups
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
Worried your private radiology practice will get swallowed up by a hospital? Perhaps there's little need to fret. The hospital employment trend sweeping your primary care colleagues hasn't — and likely won't — hit radiology, according to Shay Pratt, managing director of the Advisory Board Company.More

Hurdle for health care reform lawsuit
The Wall Street Journal
The woman chosen to represent the legal challenge to the Obama administration's healthcare overhaul filed for bankruptcy in September after her business failed, a move that could pose problems for the high-profile lawsuit. The suit, brought by 26 states and joined by the National Federation of Independent Business, a small-business lobby group, is set to be heard by the Supreme Court next year. It relies in part on the story of Mary Brown, an auto repair shop owner who argued in court filings she would have had to divert funds from her business to comply with the law's requirement that, beginning in 2014, most Americans obtain coverage or pay a penalty.More

Apple's secret plan to steal your doctor's heart
Although Apple walks a fine line in the medical arena, a stealth campaign to get the iPad into the hands of doctors seems to be paying off; even Landau Uniforms has acknowledged the trend by altering the design of its lab coats (specifically, the size of the pockets) — for the first time in its 50-year history.More

Meaningful use creating a new role for RIS?
Health Data Management (registration required)
The radiology information system, or RIS, long has been the workhorse of the imaging group practice, handling such functions as scheduling, demographics collection, even billing and results reporting. Now, under the meaningful use program, the RIS is taking on a new level of importance: Some radiology groups are using their RIS as the backbone of their participation in the incentive program.More

ICD-10: It's later than you think
HealthLeaders Media
The deadline is nearly two years away, but many healthcare leaders — juggling multiple priorities, such as meaningful use — have yet to focus adequately on ICD-10.More