Dec. 10, 2014

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DataMAXX — Did you know? Submit data to run free reports
RBMA members from radiology practices, imaging centers and IDTFs may subscribe to DataMAXX, RBMA's members-only data warehouse, for free to submit data and run reports. Members from billing companies and MSOs can upload their clients' data without a subscription through the Vendor Portal or as an additional user on the client's subscription. Participants from both practices and billing companies can run reports once their data have been accepted into DataMAXX.

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RBMA U highlight: Leadership
Radiology Business 101 is comprised of eight modules based on the RBMA Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). The fifth module, Leadership, covers leadership, teamwork, organizational culture and communication. Its focus is to introduce the learner to leadership behaviors and their impact on individuals and organizations.

The Leadership module includes the following six courses:

Course Number Course Name
LED-001 Introduction to Leadership Principles
LED-002 Effective Communication
LED-003 Developing & Promoting Organizational Culture
LED-004 Building, Leading & Evaluating Teams
LED-005 Effective Decision Making and Ethics
LED-006 Continuing Education and Networking

Students may enroll in a single course, multiple courses or commit to the entire program of 40 courses to be completed within a year.

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Register for tomorrow's 2015 Coding Update webcast
Presented by MedLearn. Don't miss your opportunity to learn from one of the industry's most recognized radiology coding experts, Jeff Majchrzak, BA, RCC, CIRCC. Get the latest radiology updates and coding information to help your practice and/or facility stay current and compliant in 2015. With over 40 code changes impacting radiology in 2015, it's essential!

2015 Coding Update
Wednesday, Dec. 10
Noon-2 p.m. ET

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RBMA legal resources
The following articles were contributed by the law firm of McDonald Hopkins, LLC, and have been published in the RBMA Bulletin.


CVS might be imaging's newest frenemy
For advertisers seeking to reach both policy makers and the general public, one of the hottest buys is the homepage of Politico on election night. This year, the spot was claimed not by a giant multi-national like Exxon Mobil or GE, but by the pharmacy chain CVS and its Minute Clinics (now CVS Health).More

Where does business intelligence rank in the decision to outsource?
While groups usually use cost comparisons as a primary factor in the decision to outsource or not, this article shows how business intelligence technologies can impact financial benchmarking, operations and administration, compliance and even quality patient care.More

Doctors seek another ICD-10 delay
HealthLeaders Media
Physician associations in Texas and New York are urging their members to press the lame duck Congress to delay ICD-10 implementation until October 2017. "It's imperative that you contact your representative today and explain how you cannot afford the cost and disruption of ICD-10 implementation to your business, especially now, when you are buried in myriad other bureaucratic burdens," Texas Medical Association President Austin I. King, MD, said in a letter to members. More

For academic radiologists, meaningful use takes support
Diagnostic Imaging (registration required)
Radiologists at academic medical centers must piggyback on their institution's efforts to comply with a federal incentive program designed to promote use of electronic medical records, agreed speakers at the Radiological Society of North America annual meeting session, "Health IT Incentive Programs: Experience from Radiology Practices in Hospitals and Health Systems." More

CDOs: Right for healthcare C-Suite?
As more healthcare systems, pharmaceutical companies, and accountable care organizations rely on data for everything from improving care to enhancing revenue collection and conducting research, they're also tasked with protecting information's privacy and integrity. That responsibility can, of course, fall under the jurisdiction of the chief security officer, among other executives. But a growing number of organizations have carved out room at the boardroom table for a chief data officer. More

Big changes in fine print of some 2015 health plans
The New York Times
At first glance, the 2015 health plans offered by the Ohio nonprofit insurer CareSource look a lot like the ones it sold this year, in the Affordable Care Act's first enrollment season. The monthly premiums are nearly identical, and the deductibles are the same. But tucked within the plans' jargon are changes that could markedly affect how much consumers pay for healthcare. More

NIH director stresses need for stable funding
Health Imaging
Current biomedical research is tackling a number of major issues and contains myriad opportunities for imaging, but financial concerns loom large as research budgets fail to keep up with inflation, according to National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins, MD, PhD, who delivered a special lecture at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America. More