RCAF Association News
Jan. 8, 2015

Restored F86 Sabre fighter jet to be re-dedicated in the new year
Sarnia Observer
Sarnia's golden tribute to the air force is back at Germain Park. Volunteers who've been working to restore the F86 Sabre fighter jet since early 2013 were recently preparing it to go back to its resting place on a park pedestal. Plans are to have it back on its Germain Park perch, said John Stewart, president of the Air Force Association of Canada's 403 wing. "I'm so proud of how they did with it," he said, looking on as members the Canadian Owner Pilots Association Flight 7 in Sarnia moved the wings into place. More

New fighter jet options mean Ottawa could avoid buying F-35s
The Globe and Mail
A new report prepared for Ottawa on options for new fighter jets gives the government an excuse to avoid buying the F-35 if it chooses. Analysis undertaken by the Department of National Defence found that it's "highly unlikely" Canada would find itself participating in first-strike conflict with other countries that have sophisticated air defence systems — a scenario where the Lockheed Martin F-35's vaunted stealth capabilities and other features might be most useful. More

RCAF Brigadier General to discuss Canada's plans to buy a flight trainer for the F-35
Ottawa Citizen
Brigadier General Phil Garbutt, Director Force Development for the Royal Canadian Air Force, will be a keynote speaker at the Military Flight Training conference in London, England next March. It's not unusual for Canadian military officers to speak at such conferences and this one is higher profile in the training community. But what's interesting here is what Garbutt will be talking about. More

Royal Air Force gets first A400M airlifter — planes to replace C-130s
Ottawa Citizen
Airbus Defence and Space recently delivered the first Airbus A400M airlifter to the Royal Air Force. The aircraft is the first of 22 ordered by the U.K. and will be known in service as the A400M Atlas, according to a news release from the company. The A400M will replace the C-130 in RAF service, but because it can carry approximately twice as much load, or the same load twice as far, fewer aircraft will be required. More

Aviation Hall of Fame welcomes Langley Snowbird
Langley Advance
A man with a passion for flying who has made a huge commitment to the aviation industry and the community has been named to Canada's Aviation Hall of Fame. The honour is being bestowed upon George Miller, a retired Royal Canadian Air Force colonel, Team Leader of the Canadian Snowbirds Aerial Demonstration Team in the 1960s, and Team Leader of the Fraser Blues Formation Team, which is renowned for its numerous local Remembrance Day fly-pasts. More