RCAF Association News
Feb. 22, 2013

A fighting chance to survive
Royal Canadian Air Force
As you pull yourself from the wreckage of your aircraft, the wind howls menacingly across a frozen landscape that has more in common with the moon than anything found on Earth. The last weather report you received before leaving base told you that the temperature in that area would be dropping to minus 40 degrees Celsius, which feels like minus 60 with the wind chill.More

Delays in purchasing for Canadian military at record levels under Conservatives
Ottawa Citizen
Delays in the purchasing of military equipment have reached record levels under the Conservative government, according to a newly released Defence Department analysis. It now takes, on average, 199 months. More

Ladies and gentlemen aviators
Vintage Wings
This summer, we are on the hunt for the brightest, the most motivated and the most accomplished young cadets in the country. And when we find them, were going to fly them back in time to a period when leaders like them were found among the ranks of the Royal Canadian Air Force.More

F-35: The most expensive weapon ever built
Ottawa Citizen
Marine Major Aric Walleye Liberman was uncharacteristically modest for a Navy SEAL turned fighter pilot. He had just landed an F-35 – one of the 2,457 jets the Pentagon plans to buy for $400 billion, making it the costliest weapons program in human history – at its initial operational base late last year.More

On July 10th 1943, Canadian soldiers landed at Pachino, Sicily, marking the beginning of the Sicilian Campaign. While this campaign is little known, "Operation Husky" represented the first independent role for Canadian soldiers in the Second World War. They fought with courage and knocked the pins out of the German defences in Sicily. Their success came at a cost of over 560 men in honour of those who fought and those who fell. We are organizing a memorial capaign for the operation's 70th anniversary. Our campaign begins on the beaches of Pachino on July 10th, 2013 and features two main ceremonies. More

The Bomber Command Memorial Book
Please join our campaign to remember the fallen, inform Canadians of the sacrifices made by bomber command veterans. To date our partnership with Fighting High Publishing has contributed to the raising of £31,617. The 55,573 aircrew of Bomber Command lost their lives during the Second World War, yet no campaign medal was awarded and their bravery and sacrifice went largely unrecognized. On 28 June 2012 this was corrected with the dedication and unveiling of the Bomber Command Memorial in The Green Park, London. The journey from the initial idea to the unveiling of the memorial was a long and complex one and 'The Bomber Command Memorial - We Will Remember Them' book tells the story of the campaign. The mission of the Air Force Association of Canada is to inform new generations of Canadians about the history of their country’s air force. This would suggest we should try and put a copy of this invaluable book in every library. If you would like to purchase one for your library, call Rose (866-351-2322 ext 223) or e-mail Kitshop@airforce.ca today. More

2013 Ottawa Conference on Defence and Security
CDA Institute
February 21-22 2013
Fairmont Chateau Laurier Hotel
Ottawa, Canada
The Conference of Defence Associations Institute and the CDA are pleased to announce that registration is now open for the 2013 Ottawa Conference on Defence and Security. More

National Volunteer Week 2013
Volunteer Canada
At Volunteer Canada, we understand that National Volunteer Week campaign planning takes a lot of hard work. We want to support individuals, voluntary organizations and volunteer centres nationwide in their efforts to thank volunteers. That's why this page is full of free, downloadable tools to assist you. Scroll down to access resources for each component of your NVW 2013 campaign. More

The Goldfish Club
The Goldfish Club
The 2013 reunion of The Goldfish Club will be held 13-14 September 2013, at the Gleneagles Hotel, Torquay, Devon, U.K. Dinner, Bed & Breakfast are included for the Friday events, and Bed & Breakfast are included for the Saturday events, within the total registration cost which organizers sincerely hope should not exceed £400. Please note the amount is in british pounds sterling. The reunion dinner and dance will be held at the Britannia Naval College, in Dartmouth. The committee continues to work actively to secure corporate sponsors, thus seeking to lower the cost for everyone.More