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Nov. 19, 2013

Get to know RFMA's exclusive online community, InSite
If you have not logged onto InSite, you are missing some great conversations and connections. InSite is RFMA's own social networking site exclusively for RFMA members. InSite allows you to create a profile, contribute to discussions within the online forums, find colleagues and more. Watch this brief video to learn more about how to take advantage of this exclusive member benefit today!More

RFMA 2014 early bird rate deadline approaching
Our RFMA 2014 Early Bird Registration rate for restaurant members ends Dec. 1! Make sure to log on to to register today and take advantage of the $100 rate.

Click here to register now!More

Voting ends this Friday for the 2014 Directors at Large and Vendor Representative election
To vote for the 2014 Directors at Large on the RFMA Board of Directors, click here. You may select up to THREE candidates and may only submit your ballot once. Voting is open to all current RFMA members.

The PRIMARY MEMBER from each vendor company is invited to vote for the 2014 Vendor Representative. Click here to cast your vote. You can only vote once, and voting is only permitted for current vendor primary members.

*You must be logged in to vote, and your ballots must be submitted by Friday, Nov. 22.More

McDonald's testing custom, premium burgers
Orange County Register
Months after dropping Angus burgers from its menu, McDonald's is experimenting with build-your-own-burgers made with premium ingredients selected from an iPad menu.More

Starbucks Evenings opens at LAX
Fast Casual
Starbucks Evenings, the alcohol-serving counterpart to the coffee house chain, recently opened a location inside of the Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport.More

Menu-labeling battle brewing?
CSP Daily News
The Affordable Care Act's menu-labeling proponent is coming under fire from convenience store retailers and their associations. At issue: Who exactly pays when this mandate takes effect?More

Study: Mandatory calorie postings often ignored or unseen
e Science News
Posting the calorie content of menu items at major fast food chains in Philadelphia, per federal law, does not change purchasing habits or decrease the number of calories those customers consume, researchers at NYU Langone Medical Center reported at the Obesity Society's annual scientific meeting.More

French fries under fire, coffee in the crosshairs
CSP Daily News
French fries, potato chips and coffee are among foods found to contain high levels of acrylamide, drawing new scrutiny from researchers and a new draft guidance from the FDA.More

6 things managers should not talk about at work
D. Albert Brannen
Employers can be liable for the conduct of managers. There are certain things managers should absolutely not talk about with employees or anyone else at work. More

Tricks of the trade: Tackling sewage orders
Today's Facility Manager
If you've treated drains, replaced grease traps, checked for air balance, installed new vents and you're still battling sewage odors, what can you do next? Is there a cost-effective total solution?More

Maintenance tips for restaurant facility management
Archita Datta Majumdar
Facility management is clearly defined as a comprehensive analysis, maintenance and management of everyday background operations so the core business can go on functioning, unhindered. This is important for all businesses, but for more dynamic operations like restaurants this means having access to instant and actionable data that can be used to stay ahead of problems. With the use of advanced technologies to ensure automated and integrated facility management, restaurant owners and managers can easily improve on existing deliverables through instant and more accurate flow of data.More

McDonald's drive-thru makeover speeds up fast food
Bloomberg's Alix Steel reports that McDonald's has announced it will add a third drive-thru window in a bid to speed up service time for customers. More

How restaurant executives prepare for mobile payments
Hospitality Technology
The recent 2013 Restaurant Executive Summit offered an opportunity for foodservice leaders to network and share ideas with their peers. Rocky Lucia, director of information technology for B.R. Guest Hospitality, led a debate on the best way to prepare your establishment for the coming tidal wave of mobile payments.More

Popeyes' president: The most successful brands focus on people development
Popeyes turned in its 14th consecutive quarter of positive results in November, including a 5.1 percent jump in same-store sales. Ralph Bower, president of Popeyes' U.S., discussed what is working for the chain, the competitive landscape in QSR and consumer sentiment heading into 2014.More

Understanding new technology: Tankless water heaters
Facility Maintenance Decisions
A growing number of institutional and commercial facilities are tapping into the potential benefits of tankless water-heating technology in an effort to meet hot-water demands, minimize energy use and maximize savings. To deliver on the potential of these products, maintenance and engineering managers need to address a range of issues before making a decision on whether the tankless technology is appropriate for their facilities.More

101 bad business buzzwords — and why you should avoid them
Joe Latta
Today's marketing and proposal materials are littered with important-sounding words that have no real value: seamless, top-notch, world-class, laser-focused, best of breed. Unfortunately, buzzwords can seriously weaken your persuasive messaging and give an impression of insecurity. Not good. More