The Intersect
Nov. 17, 2009

Fort Hood, Texas, Deaths Bring New Scrutiny to Army
from The Houston Chronicle
At a time when U.S. Army troops are fighting two wars halfway around the globe, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan possessed all the qualifications the military so desperately needs: He is an Arabic-speaking Muslim of Palestinian descent, a doctor, a psychiatrist and a mid-level commander. More

Securing the Vote for All
from The Washington Times
On Veterans Day, Americans honor those who have fought for this country and also those who are deployed. As a retired flag officer, Rear Adm. James J. Carey finds his thoughts especially focused on his brothers and sisters in uniform far from home. As they risk their lives every day to safeguard our freedom, another routine sacrifice is often overlooked: the guarantee that their votes will be counted. More

Federal Officials Pledge Support for Hiring Veterans
from American Forces Press Service
Senior federal officials pledged their support of President Barack Obama's directive to increase the hiring of military veterans. Obama signed the executive order that calls on each federal agency to establish a veterans' employment program office designed to help former service members get through the maze of paperwork as they apply for federal positions. It also mandates that agencies train personnel specialists on veteran employment policies. More

Vets' Spouses Lose a Death Benefit by Staying Single
from The St. Petersburg Times
Nona Chubboy's husband, an officer in the Navy, paid the premiums on a government insurance policy for years, expecting it to help his wife if he died. Her husband, Louis, died of cancer linked to military atomic testing. But the only way Chubboy can collect the benefit is to do something she finds disloyal to her spouse's memory. More

C-27J is First Brand New Air Guard Plane
from Air Force Times
No hand-me-downs this time from the big Air Force. The Air National Guard is getting C-27J Spartans straight from the assembly line in 2010. It will be the first time the Air Guard has owned and operated brand-new aircraft. More

Joint Strike Fighter Lands Closer to Corps' Air Arsenal
from The U.S. Marine Corps
The Marine Corps came one step closer to adding the Joint Strike Fighter F-35B STOVL (Short Take-Off Vertical Landing) variant to its arsenal. The test plane, BF-1, flew from Fort Worth, Texas, to Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Md., where it will undergo additional integrated developmental testing as directed by Joint Strike Fighter Program Executive Officer Maj. Gen. David Heinz. More

Top Reserve Commander Talks About Life at Robins
from The Sun News
"This is not a coup." With that jest, Lt. Gen. Charles E. Stenner Jr., commanding general of the U.S. Air Force Reserve Command, dispelled rumors of an installation "takeover" during an interview from his Robins Air Force Base office. More

Commissioned Corps Officers Serve in a Humanitarian Mission Aboard the USNS Mercy
from The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
A multidisciplinary team of officers in the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps is serving on the USNS Mercy, a U.S. Navy hospital ship, for a humanitarian-assistance mission in the Western Pacific and Southeast Asia. More

NOAA: U.S. Posts Third Coolest-Highest Precipitation for October on Record
from The National Oceanic Atmospheric Association
The October 2009 average temperature for the contiguous United States was the third coolest on record for that month according to NOAA's State of the Climate report issued. Based on data going back to 1895, the monthly National Climatic Data Center analysis is part of the suite of climate services provided by NOAA. More

New Undersecretary of the Air Force Nominated
from Air Force Times
The Air Force finally has a nominee in place to take over as the service's undersecretary, a position that has been empty for more than two years. President Barack Obama nominated Erin Conaton, House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton's lead adviser. She will now await confirmation from the Senate. More

National Guard (In Federal Status) and Reserve Activated as of Nov. 10 2009
from Department of Defense
This week the Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard announced an increase in activated reservists, while the Army and Marine Corps announced a decrease. The net collective result is 468 fewer reservists activated than last week. At any given time, services may activate some units and individuals while deactivating others, making it possible for these figures to either increase or decrease. More