The Intersect
Dec. 6, 2011

Senate votes to advance Department of Defense authorization bill
Army Times
The U.S. Senate has passed a $662 billion defense authorization bill for 2012 that includes $527 billion for the Pentagon's annual base budget. Approved by a 93-7 vote, the legislation also provides $117 billion for war spending, $1 billion less than the Pentagon's request. Another $17.5 billion is included for defense programs overseen by the Department of Energy.More

Senate easily votes to give Guard a seat on JCS
Marine Corps Times
The National Guard has taken a big step toward gaining a seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff after the Senate agreed with House-passed legislation to give the Guard a place at the table with the other military leaders. By voice vote and with only a passing word of dissent, the Senate attached the National Guard Empowerment Act to the 2012 defense authorization bill. Because the House version of the defense bill contains similar provisions, the military leaders who made clear earlier this month they don't want to add a permanent seat at the table for the Guard will have limited ability to try to stop that from happening.More

Senate revises death benefits for reservists
Army Times
A change in death benefits that would extend payment to reservists who die at home during drill weekends passed the Senate by voice vote. Retroactive to Jan. 1, 2010, death gratuity and burial benefits provided for active-duty deaths will be extended to reservists who die while at home during or between successive days of inactive duty training, under the amendment to the 2012 defense authorization bill sponsored by Sen. Mark Pryor, D-Ark.More

Ingram sworn in as Army National Guard director at Pentagon
On the day he formally assumed the duties of the director of the Army National Guard, Army Maj. Gen. William E. Ingram Jr. was simultaneously promoted to lieutenant general during a Pentagon ceremony. The ceremony was standing-room-only as friends, family and colleagues from Ingram's almost 40-years of service as an Army National Guard officer came out to support the Army Guard's 20th director.More

Happy 375th birthday National Guard
The National Guard
The military organization we know today as the National Guard came into existence with a direct declaration on Dec. 13, 1636. On this date, the Massachusetts General Court in Salem, for the first time in the history of the North American continent, established that all able-bodied men between the ages of 16 and 60 were required to join the militia. The North, South, and East Regiments were established with this order. The decree excluded ministers and judges. Simply stated, citizen-soldiers who mustered for military training could be and would be called upon to fight when needed. More

Jobless rate for veterans drops in November
Army Times
The unemployment rate for veterans fell in November to 7.4 percent for all veterans and 11.1 percent for those who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan era. At the same time that the national unemployment rate dropped from 9 percent in October to 8.6 percent in November, the rate fell 0.4 percentage points for veterans of all generations and a full one percentage point for people who separated from the service since the 2001 terrorist attacks.More

National Guard (in federal status) and Reserve activated as of Nov. 29
U.S. Department of Defense
This week the Army announced an increase in activated reservists, while the Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard announced a decrease. The net collective result is 36 fewer reservists activated than last week. At any given time, services may activate some units and individuals while deactivating others, making it possible for these figures to either increase or decrease.More