RVDA NewsBrief
July 13, 2011

IRS updates Form 8300 regarding cash transactions
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) revised the agency's Form 8300 used for reporting cash transactions that exceed $10,000. The revisions include changes to the instructions concerning taxpayer identification numbers. Visit www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f8300.pdf to access the form. Dealers who fill out the form online ensure that they're using the most current version. Dealers should discard copies not marked "Rev. June 2011."More

Celebrity RVers hitting the road

Two celebrities are in the news this week for their RV travel exploits – basketball star Shaquille O’Neal and actor Peter Fonda.

NBC Sports
Shaquille O'Neal gets a retirement gift from the Boston Celtics – a new motorhome. Shaq has been an RV traveler for years – and now has more time to pursue his passion. MORE

Peter Fonda plays a rock impresario who leads a band on a cross-country RV tour via Route 66 in the movie "The Perfect Age of Rock 'n' Roll," coming to U.S. theaters on Aug. 5. The sight of him in an RV tooling across America is the most eye-catching image in the movie's trailer. MOREMore

Writer and family on cross-country expedition
Rapid City Journal
Fifteen years ago, newlywed Brad Herzog asked his wife Amy, "How would you like to quit your job, and we'll use up our meager wedding savings to put a down payment on an RV, and we'll travel around the country for a year, and I'll try to write a book about it." To his surprise, "she turned to me and said, 'Sure.' " After that magical year of travel, the Herzogs now spend every summer RVing cross-country with their two young sons.More

'Workamping' gives outdoors enthusiasts seasonal jobs at parks and refuges

Workampers are making news this month as they travel across the country working on public lands, campgrounds and in other areas.

The Star-Ledger
Retired mechanic David Standaert has been in transit, towing his 27-foot travel trailer to scenic places coast to coast, for the past 10 years. The 71-year-old Pequannock, N.J., native is living the Jack Kerouac dream, clocking thousands of miles in his mobile bachelor pad. He offsets the cost of his adventures by working part-time at each refuge he visits. MORE

Fox Business
Workamping is a growing trend among retiring baby boomers who want to travel the country but need to supplement their income to cover the cost. These people roam the country, often in an RV, and exchange their labor for a place to stay/park, plus wages. MOREMore

Convention: Dealers helping dealers
Among the many benefits of attending RVDA's annual convention is the social interaction between dealers that it provides, says Debbie Brunoforte, Little Dealer, Little Prices, Mesa, Ariz. "Most dealers are happy to share what has worked for them," she says. "I've picked up many valuable tips from asking questions and conversing with other dealers." There is still time to take advantage of early-bird registration rates for the 2011 RV Dealers International Convention/Expo, slated for Oct. 3-7 in Las Vegas. Click here for more convention information.More