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Jun. 18, 2013

SCAA urges FDA to reconsider proposed order to re-classify AEDs
If you're a sudden cardiac arrest survivor, a loved one of someone who suffered an SCA, an EMS provider or anyone else concerned with the SCA crisis in our country, the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Association needs your help immediately!More

Sentinel & Enterprise
Congratulations to HEARTSTRONG, which managed to place its first AED and presented it to the Ayer (Mass.) Park and Recreation Department for use at Sandy Pond on May 31! One small step in its goal to make its community heart safe and HEARTSTRONG! The hard-working people at HEARTSTRONG have managed to place one AED but they still need our help! More

Sudden death in college basketball player raises questions about EKG screening in athletes
The Boston Globe
The tragic sudden death of 19-year-old Joe Glynn, a Bentley University basketball player, who collapsed during a recent game raises the same questions that arise every time a young athlete dies far too early in life: Did he have an underlying health problem that contributed to his death? If so, could the problem have been detected earlier? Would that have saved his life?More

Yourwellness Magazine explores heart disease facts that women should know
PRWeb via Digital Journal
According to a new study, which was presented at the recent annual meeting of the Heart Rhythm Society in Denver, higher levels of the hormone oestrogen are associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac death in men and women.More

King County, Washington, may be the best place to have a heart attack
Public health officials report sudden cardiac survival rates in King County, Wash., are now the highest in the world. In 2012, 55 percent of sudden cardiac arrest victims in King County survived and 85 percent of those maintained good neurological functioning. Despite this great achievement, leaders in the community are striving to do even better.More

Survivor's story: Eric Rothenburg
In late-September 2009, Eric Rothenburg was playing doubles tennis at his local club. He was receiving the serve. When the serve came Rothenburg was starting to feel lightheaded. He swung and missed, then went down face first onto the court. His partner screamed for someone to call 911.More

Quick action saves man in cardiac arrest
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Wellbridge Athletic Club and Spa in Clayton, Mo., along with three of its members, were recently honored by city officials for their role in resuscitating a 62-year-old man who'd gone into cardiac arrest during an indoor cycling class at the club.More

Quick-thinking mom saves teen's life
Doctors are crediting a single-mom from Mead, Wash., with saving the life of one her son's young baseball teammates. Cole Patterson, 14, collapsed during baseball practice but was kept alive by a Good Samaritan who wouldn't give up.More

CPR training on the job benefits everyone
The Daily Press
One of the most valuable skills a person can learn is the life-saving technique known as CPR. In the case of a person having a heart attack, whether that person lives or dies may hinge on whether anyone nearby knows how to perform CPR.More

Hands-only CPR video to beat of Bee Gees' hit Stayin' Alive gets viewers ready to save a life
Ky Forward
In recognition of National CPR Awareness Week June 3-8, the American Heart Association is continuing the national awareness campaign and ongoing mobile tour teaching Americans how to perform Hands-Only CPR to the beat of the Bee Gees' hit "Stayin' Alive."More

Researchers plot locations where AEDs could save more lives
Science Codex
Prompt use of an automated external defibrillator, or AED, can greatly increase the survival rates of people who suffer a cardiac arrest. Yet a new study has found that publicly registered AEDs in Toronto are not in the best positions to help victims of cardiac arrest.More

Bakersfield Kern Chapter June newsletter
A little knowledge can be a lifesaving thing. Too often, people use "sudden cardiac arrest" and "heart attack" interchangeably, but they shouldn't. Read the June issue of the Bakersfield Kern Chapter newsletter to learn more.More

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Reception
Centre LifeLink EMS
The Centre County (Pa.) Chapter of the SCAA hosted a Cardiac Arrest Survivor Reception on June 13 at Centre LifeLink EMS. The event recognized survivors of cardiac arrest and those who performed CPR on a cardiac arrest victim. The reception demonstrated the "chain of survival" by bringing together the survivor, bystanders who performed CPR and emergency responders.More

Be aware of sudden cardiac arrest in youth
The Argus Leader
Sudden cardiac arrest in youth is not a rare occurrence. It is the number one cause of death for young athletes in the U.S., with one death every three to four days; and it doesn't happen to just athletes.More