SEIA Solar Update
Sept. 1, 2010

Solar power: Brighter long-term investment outlook
Bloomberg Businessweek
With utilities adopting standards to increase the amount of solar-generated electricity in coming years, the U.S. could bolster its presence in the global solar-power market. The quickening growth pace could present attractive opportunities for investors, according to some professionals.More

US to double renewable energy capacity by 2012
Brighter Energy
The White House said that the U.S. is on track to double its renewable energy generating capacity -- as well as its renewable energy manufacturing capacity -- by 2012.More


1,000MW plant in California marks new milestone in solar expansion
The New York Times
Federal regulators are nearing final approval of what would be the largest solar power plant in the world, a milestone that sets a new standard for the industry and marks a major advancement in the Obama administration's efforts to expand renewable energy production nationwide.More

With stimulus nearing end, will US keep clean energy momentum going?
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has funded breakthrough innovation and new growth industries that are driving down the cost of clean energy and building the foundation for competitive 21st century U.S. industries, according to a new White House report released today on the impacts of the U.S. stimulus bill.More

Cash grant that propped up alt power due to expire
The Associated Press
The wind always seems to blow on the Snake River plain, keeping this high-desert landscape of sage, potatoes and sugarbeet plants forever in motion. Still, General Electric Co. executives said the consistent gusts weren't enough for them to take a majority stake in Idaho's largest wind farm, a 122-turbine, $500 million complex due to produce enough electricity for some 43,000 homes.More

There's a lot new under the sun
So, what's new in the solar business these days? Dan Fink describes the many recent developments in the photovoltaic industry that have greatly reduced the installed price of systemsMore

Americans using less energy, more renewables
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory released a report explaining that energy use in the United States declined last year, and the role of renewable energy in our production mix is increasing.More

Salt Lake City gets country's biggest rooftop
Fast Company
The Salt Palace, a convention center in Salt Lake City, Utah, is about to get an impressive designation: owner of the country's largest rooftop solar array. The 600,000-square-foot, 2.6 megawatt array will provide a quarter of all the electricity consumed by the Salt Palace when it is finished next year.More

MIT unveils swimming, oil-cleaning robots
Here's a new way of looking at oil spill clean-up: Forget the big ships, massive work crews and hefty price tags. Instead, just deploy an army of autonomous, oil-scrubbing robots. They can find the oil on their own. And when they reach the site of an oil spill, they talk to their robot friends to figure out the best way to get the whole thing mopped up.More

Big California solar energy push moves forward
The San Francisco Chronicle
California's long-awaited boom in solar power plant construction took a major step forward Wednesday when state regulators approved the first in a string of projects that will soon blanket thousands of acres of desert with mirrors harnessing the energy of the sun.More