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August 5, 2009

SGMA Notes Changes in Team Sports Participation Patterns
SGMA Research
In recent years, SGMA has noticed that participation in team sports has been driven by organized/sanctioned play. However, in 2008, there were seven team sports where ‘casual/pick-up’ play exceeded organized/sanctioned play -- basketball, ice hockey, field hockey, touch football, lacrosse, grass volleyball, and beach volleyball. SGMA believes this is because families are feeling the pinch of the economy and are choosing less expensive ways to play sports and stay active. Click Here for more.More

SGMA: An Ongoing Media Source:
SGMA Research
SGMA’s participation figures on home gyms were featured in a story by Gannett News Service on July 18….CNBC’s Darren Rovell’s wrote about SGMA’s Sports Participation in America study in his blog. Click Here to read it. More

Rate of New Participants Says a Lot About Your Sport
SGMA Research
There are many factors that go into the Sports & Fitness Participation Study that is produced every year by SGMA Research. While SGMA tends to concentrate its efforts into looking at the topline growth numbers, it rarely focuses on the underlying variables causing the changes in the participation numbers. What really goes into sports participation? Click Here for more. More

A Quotable Quote
SGMA Education and Resources
“At least half of the U.S. population is very physically active, but far too many Americans are categorized as casually active or totally inactive – and that’s where we find people who are overweight and obese. The 45 million Americans who are casually active represent potential health club members, possible candidates for buying some form of sports and fitness equipment, or somebody who could be more active. If those 45 million people can increase their commitment to getting fit, obesity levels would drop and there would be less of a drain on our health care system. That’s why SGMA remains vigilant in its support of more physical education in schools and legislation, such as the PHIT Bill, that impacts health care.” – SGMA President Tom Cove, commenting on the results of SGMA’s latest participation study – Sports Participation in America. More

‘Town Hall’ Meeting on Sports
SGMA Education and Resources
S.P.O.R.T.S. (September 16-18; Rosen Plaza Hotel; Orlando, FL) is an open forum for all sports events planners and youth sports industry leaders. Its unique frank-discussion format allows industry leaders, grassroots organizers, and destination marketing executives to meet, talk, and share ideas on what. This event is produced by Sports Events Magazine and co-sponsored by the National Council of Youth Sports. Click Here for more. More

Congressional Health Care Reform Needs PHIT
SGMA Public Policy
Now that Congressman Ron Kind D-Wis., has introduced the Personal Health Investment Today Act of 2009 in the U.S. House of Representatives, Congress needs to hear loudly that PHIT is important to lowering health care costs. It is imperative that the general public send letters, faxes, and emails to their representatives in Washington, D.C. (i.e. local member of the House and your two U.S. Senators) expressing their support for the PHIT Act. For background information about PHIT, go to If you want to send a letter to your local congressmen in support of PHIT, Click Here. More

SGMA's Fitness Satellite Media Tour (SMT)

Orlando, FL Wednesday, January 6, 2010 Do you want television news coverage for your product? If so, then sign up for a Fitness TV Satellite Media Tour (SMT) by SGMA. During an SMT, SGMA is able to reach the general public through their local (and some national) television morning news programs. MoreMore

SGMA's 11th Annual National Health Through Fitness Day

Washington, DC Tuesday, March 9, 2010 - Wednesday, March 10, 2010 Next March join celebrity athletes, physical education teachers, and industry leaders for SGMA's 11th Annual National Health Through Fitness Day to promote Physical Activity and fight Obesity. MoreMore

SGMA's 2010 Litigation & Risk Management Summit

Las Vegas, NV Tuesday, April 6, 2010 SGMA's Legal Task Force will be hosting our annual SGMA Litigation & Risk Management Summit in Las Vegas at the Fontainebleau Hotel. Further details will be provided as they're made available. More