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May. 28, 2015

Navigating the multigenerational workplace
Government Executive
Today's workforce is more generationally diverse than ever before. With more professionals delaying retirement — either by choice or necessity — organizations now have employees from as many as four different generations working side by side. Soon, for the first time in history, a fifth generation will join the mix.More

California meeting facilities work with drought conditions
Associations Now
A years-long drought in California has made water conservation a priority for convention centers and other meeting venues across the state. Here's a look at how they're managing.More

The meeting planner's guide to strategic social media marketing
In today's social media world, we feel the pressure to increase social engagement on our social-media channels and are encouraged to live a portion of our lives on social feeds. You ask yourself questions such as, why should my brand be on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or any other social media channel? What sort of content are my readers looking for on each channel? It can be overwhelming to juggle it all.More

Study: How millennial meeting planners source venues
Successful Meetings
Unlike veteran meeting planners, who value customer experience above all else, millennial meeting planners are most influenced by cost when they're sourcing venues, finds a new survey by meetings technology company Cvent.More

Tens of thousands of feds to receive significant pay raise next year
Government Executive
Tens of thousands of federal employees will soon receive a pay raise thanks to an Obama administration decision to designate 13 cities as unique pay localities. The decision comes after years of deliberation, including tentative approval in May 2013. The cities will now receive unique locality-based pay adjustments, rather than being lumped in with the "rest of United States" grouping.More

2 CGMP courses on calendar for summer, fall
SGMP recently added two CGMP courses to the schedule. The first will be offered July 14-17 in Vienna, Virginia, and the second from October 20-23 in Northern Virginia. The Certified Government Meeting Professional designation (CGMP) is designed for planners and suppliers whose work is governed by the rules and regulations of the federal government. To be eligible to take the course, you must be an SGMP member in good standing for six months or be a member with more than one year of experience in the hospitality industry. The cost is $595. More

Business travel accessories every road warrior needs
According to the Global Business Traveler Association the average business trip covers 268 miles and that number increases to 945 miles if the mode of transportation is by air. On average, business travelers have two overnight stays per month, meaning valuable time spent away from the office. With all those miles being logged by these road warriors, it's no surprise that a product which can make life easier is highly coveted. So what are the must have accessories any business traveler needs? More

Travel search sites: Airlines aren't playing fair with flight data
Associations Now
The Travel Technology Association, in a new report, says travel sites like TripAdvisor can't serve travelers well when airlines limit access to fare and schedule information — and in some cases, withhold the data entirely.More

Dealing with conflict in the workplace
The Washington Post
People want leadership roles for a variety of reasons, but the opportunity to manage conflicts is rarely at the top of anyone's list. It's a skill that many have a hard time mastering — and let's face it, avoiding conflict tends to be the first inclination for most of us.More