SHCA News You Need
Sept. 30, 2009

Federal Plan Could Close Some of Louisiana's Charity Hospitals
from The Times
If the federal government approves a plan that gives most people medical insurance, much of Louisiana's charity hospital system could become unnecessary, a state health official says. More

DHHS: Web site Will Allow Public to View Hospital Infection Rates
from Foster's Daily Democrat
As soon as next year, the public will be able to visit a state Web site and compare hospital-related infection rates for various surgical procedures. More

In Need of Psychiatric Care, and Resisting
from The New York Times
The patient showed symptoms of severe depression. She hallucinated, seeing her dead father across her room. Her family was having trouble taking care of her. More

Nurses Asked to Spread Information on Health Care Reform
White House officials and some nursing associations are asking nurses to stay informed and up to date on health care reform so they can give patients educated and responsible answers to questions they may have about the process. More

After a Diagnosis, Someone to Help Point the Way
from The New York Times
When Kathleen Henry's uncle was told he had bladder cancer in May, she knew she needed help. Even though Ms. Henry has a nursing degree, she worried about deciphering treatment options and picking the best hospital for her uncle's care. More

Panel Reviewing Fate of Kan. State Hospitals
from Kansas City Star
A state commission began taking testimony on the possibility of closing one or both of Kansas' two state institutions for the mentally and developmentally disabled.More

Health Care Reform is a Women's Issue
from The New York Times
Michelle Obama gave a powerful speech explaining why health insurance reform is a women's issue. Her arguments were subsequently dramatized by a telling exchange between Sen. John Kyl, a Republican from Arizona, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow, a Democrat from Michigan, in a Senate Finance Committee meeting. More

Registering and Using the SHCA List Serv is Easy! Step 1: Sign Up today
from Atlanta Journal Constitution
Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia has plans to send kidney dialysis patients to several other states, where the hospital said they would qualify for care, could leave some patients stranded without adequate treatment. More