SIM Connect
Jan. 28, 2015

SIM is proud to announce the launch of our new brand
Over the last year, with the input and guidance of more than 400 chapter leaders, we have achieved a sleek new look and feel for SIM and a new tagline: Where IT Leaders Connect.

The revamp marks the next stage in SIM's development as an organization, representing our future while maintaining a strong sense of our heritage. It is a reflection of both where we find ourselves and where we are headed. SIM's brand communicates all that we are: networking, collaboration, community and leadership. More

CIOs combine technology with common sense to combat new
phishing scam

The Wall Street Journal
A sophisticated email scam targeting businesses that perform wire transfer payments has cost U.S. companies about $180 million over a 14-month period. As cybercriminals change tactics, CIOs say they're using a variety of approaches to combat phishing or at least reduce potential damage.More

What Gartner's bimodal IT model means to enterprise CIOs
Gartner has identified a crucial tension in the proliferating demands on IT and prescribed a model to enable IT to respond to them with what it calls bimodal IT, a combination of old-style and modern IT practices. However, setting up two organizations won't necessarily resolve the tension, and may, in fact, exacerbate it.More

How to spot the bull in a CIO candidate: 5 quick tips
Misrepresentation isn't reserved for entry-level interviewees. Chief information officer candidates can exaggerate their accomplishments with the best of them. Let's say you and your fellow C-suite executives need to hire a CIO. You know what you want — that picture-perfect ideal CIO candidate.More

The 7 absolute worst pains of the CIO
It's time for a National CIO Pains Day! The CIO spends his career between a rock and a hard place. The business side fills his inbox with delusions of grandeur while his Dorito-eating IT team laughs at their to-do list. The CIO's highest priority is to keep his company focused on innovation. Let's go over the CIO's absolutely worst pains — and crucially, the cures. More

8 key IT hiring trends to watch for in 2015
IT has grown into an entity that touches all parts of the business and organizations must keep pace or get left behind. David Foote, chief analyst and research officer with Foote Partners, makes it his business to stay on top of the technology trends driving organizations. His firm works with more than 2,600 companies monitoring IT skills pay and demand for the IT workforce. talked to Foote to discuss the year ahead and what technology leaders need to be on the lookout for.More

How to make a great first impression on new employees
By Mel Kleiman
Does your company have an new-hire orientation program? Does your department? Have you reviewed it for content and effectiveness? If you're not in charge of orientation, drop in on what goes on there. There are lots of good reasons why you should. First impressions are lasting and, because of this, the key to employee retention is new-employee orientation. A new hire will never be more enthusiastic, hopeful and energetic than during the first few days on the job.More

The multimodal CIO for the digital business era
The Huffington Post
According to the 2015 State of the CIO report, there is a significant perception gap between business leaders and IT executives. Only 13 percent of business leaders perceive the CIO as a business partner. Even worse, 54 percent of line-of-business executives agree with the statement that non-IT departments view the IT group as an obstacle to their mission.More