SIM Connect
Feb. 11, 2015

Announcing SIM Women's National Executive Leadership Forum
We are excited to announce the inaugural National Executive Leadership Forum brought to you by SIM Women, taking place June 2 at the Bridgewater Marriott in Bridgewater, New Jersey!

Over the past eight years SIM Women has grown to more than 1,000 members. Through its Leadership webinars and regional networking events emerged the need and desire to bring everyone together at a national conference. SIM Women’s National Executive Leadership Forum has been developed to bring strong IT executives together from around the country to promote the success and progression of female leaders in the IT community. This Leadership Forum will create an encouraging atmosphere for peer-to-peer networking and developing solutions for communication, mentorship, leadership and career development.More

5 reasons the CIO matters more than ever
The fact that some CIOs are poor executives has been misinterpreted to mean that the entire genus is suspect. It is true that ongoing longitudinal research associated with the CIO Solutions Gallery Program hosted by the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University indicates that 61 percent of CIOs in the Global 2000 are labelled by their C-Suite peers as being "too inwardly focused," perceived as "being in the way" versus pointing the way, and seen as being "too slow," "too expensive," and "not innovative enough." Here are five reasons why CIOs matter now more than they ever did.More

Tech budgets and staffing are in transition
CIO Insight
While overall IT budgets are going up, they account for noticeably less of organizations' total revenues compared with three years ago, according to a recent survey from the Global Institute for IT Management. In addition, findings reveal that CIOs have fewer internal, full-time IT employees than they did last year. More

Obama's role in net neutrality decision under investigation
Politics have always weighed heavily in the net neutrality debate, and now comes word that the U.S. House Oversight Committee has opened an investigation into whether the White House has exercised undue influence in the debate. According to an article at NextGov, "In a letter to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on Friday, House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffertz, a Utah Republican, demanded that the agency turn over all communications between the White House and the FCC on net neutrality, any draft regulations, and internal FCC documents of the views of agency staff on the issue."More

IoT revolution hinges on licensing, entitlement management
The new industrial revolution, powered by the Internet of Things, will rely on software licensing and entitlement management to create new revenue streams.More

Managing your online reputation
By Christina Thielst
Social channels provide tremendous opportunities to use your voice and find others with similar interests. Being on key social channels also makes it easy for customers, networkers and recruiters to find you and see if your education, skills, interests and goals match with their needs. However, careful consideration and management of one's reputation is imperative.More

Brave, honest, authentic: Why it's time tech pros had an image makeover
IT professionals — so the stereotype suggests — are not renowned for their communication skills. Industry experts offer their top tips on how CIOs can present a brighter, clearer view of their individual strengths.More

How an outsourcing contract can boost IT service provider performance
IT outsourcing customers look to service providers to cut costs and improve efficiency, in addition there is the increasing expectation for providers to also deliver business results. Here are some secrets to using your outsourcing contract to set goals and reinforce service levels to link supplier profitability to business objectives.More

CIOs face the growing risk of digital data loss
CIO Insight
While digital technologies have unlocked enormous productivity gains and helped businesses boost the bottom line, there's also a growing risk of significant data loss. Recent media focus on the Sony Pictures Entertainment hack and ongoing coverage about cyber-attacks and state-sponsored cyber-wars masks a critical issue: Cyber-attacks do not register on a list of primary reasons why companies experience data loss, according to Vision Solutions' "State of Resilience Report 2015." More

Your likelihood to be hacked is greatest if you're located here
With fears over cyberattacks at perhaps their highest levels ever, businesses in Delaware have been warned that they may be at the highest risk of all. That is the warning in an article at Silicon Republic, which cites new research from Digital Guardian. This study takes a unique angle in looking at cybercrime victims — analyzing social media references to hacking events.More