SIM Connect
Feb. 25, 2015

The 2015 SIM IT Trends Study is coming soon!
The 36th annual SIM IT Trends Study is coming soon. Are you and your chapter ready? Since 1980, SIM's IT Trends Study has reported on the state of the information technology industry and detailed the management and technology issues facing IT executives. We hope to beat last year's record 1,002 participants by reaching even more members this year and diving deeper into the issues you identified in 2014. More

The CIO dilemma: What new surveys say about IT's declining strategic role
With the rise in the importance of information technology for all organizations, you would think that the stature of the function and that of its head — the chief information officer — will also rise. Instead, two new surveys report that IT and CIOs are trending downward.More

CIOs have to learn the new math of analytics
Today's data-driven business runs on the almighty algorithm. But if you're not careful, those geeky formulas can stir up legal and ethical trouble.More

Security should be a top priority for the CIO
IT News Africa
For a country like South Africa that is visibly paranoid about security, the country's information security landscape is seriously lagging in terms of awareness and practical, relevant application. Today's chief information officer needs to keep tabs not only on external security threats, but on internal threats as well, because the potential for disaster is inherent in both.More

Former Facebook employees take data center expertise to analytics start-up
The Wall Street Journal
Two former Facebook Inc. employees who helped pioneer the social network's data center hardware efforts are starting a new company called Coolan. The start-up makes software that uses analytics and artificial intelligence to predict server failure and prevent data center outages. As companies follow Facebook and Google Inc. lead, swapping out data center hardware from conventional enterprise server vendors for bare-bones or white-label servers, they need to find software to manage those servers. More

CIOs reveal their worst nightmares
Of all the workplace issues keeping CIOs up at night, three in particular are worrisome for IT executives: security, downtime and talent acquisition, according to a December 2014 study of 276 U.S. CIOs and executive IT professionals commissioned by Sungard Availability Services.More

Leadership: Taking a stand
By Thomas Parker
Over the years, I have experienced working with wonderful and fantastic leaders. I have also worked for some horrible, self-centered supervisors and managers. Notice, I did not refer to the latter group as leaders. These few certainly are not, nor will ever be, leaders. In fact, these self-centered individuals are toxic. Why do I make such bold statement? Each of us will leave a legacy to some degree. The decisions we make today will have an impact on us in each day that follows.More