SIM Connect
Mar. 18, 2015

The need for speed!
Speed — in today's business environment we must be able to react quickly to changes in our industries, to advances in technology and to the ever-fickle whims of our customers.

CIOs know what keeps them, and other CIOs, up at night. One such group of CIOs has spent the past couple of months developing the agenda for this year's SIMposium — to address the sleep-depriving issues of today.

The full agenda for this year's conference will be posted soon.More

More money, staff needed to make good on IT transformation
New technologies are increasingly the key to competitive advantage in virtually every industry, and organizations need to step up and more fully empower their IT staff as a result. Those are among the findings of new research from SolarWinds, a leading provider of IT performance management software, in its "IT Trends Report 2015: Business at the Speed of IT."More

GE Capital, Intel CIOs create new ways to measure IT business value
The Wall Street Journal
CIOs, pressured for years to work more closely with the business units of their companies, are beginning to deploy a new generation of metrics that put a monetary value on the contributions of IT. These new tools, developed at big companies such as General Electric Co.’s GE Capital and Intel Corp., have emerged amid a period of transition for CIOs. As businesses become more digital, it's an open question whether that change will be driven by the CIO or others like the business unit leaders, chief digital or chief marketing officers.More

Is it time for CIOs to step up and rule the digital world?
To help gain a view of the digital customer, some enterprises are expanding the C-suite to include a chief digital officer, chief data officer, chief analytics officer, chief marketing technologist, chief experience officer and the list goes on. But have businesses had the answer all along in the CIO?More

Zabel: CIOs need mission role to meet cyber challenge
In order to meet the challenges of cybersecurity, the Air Force and other military branches have to get their CIOs more involved in the mission, rather than just building and maintaining the underlying infrastructure, according to Brig. Gen. Sarah Zabel, director of cyberspace strategy and policy in the Air Force Office of Information Dominance and CIO.More

Securing Internet-connected devices makes this CIO 'nauseous'
The Wall Street Journal
Security worries are leading Creative Solutions in Health Care LLC to rethink its effort outfitting hundreds of doors, windows, washers, dryers and security cameras with software-controlled sensors. What started as an experiment by the nursing home provider last year to make everyday machines at its facilities more efficient, has turned into a lesson for CIO and CISO Shawn Wiora on new security challenges introduced by more connected devices.More

CIO's guide to recruiting IT talent
If you've tried to hire a data scientist, security manager or mobile developer recently, you know it's not easy. To be successful, CIOs need to make talent management a more substantial and inescapable part of their job. This special guide is full of advice from CIOs and recruiters on how to become an IT talent scout.More