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Apr. 9, 2014

SIM 2014 Paper Competition
Each year, the Society for Information Management recognizes innovative business initiatives that use IT to drive measurable results. If you have researched an important and successful IT-related business initiative, the SIM 2014 Paper Competition Committee invites you to submit an abstract describing this initiative. The work described must be implemented and it must have had a significant impact on the organization involved. Winning papers will be a collaboration between academics and practitioners. Since SIM's focus is toward executive management, the work should describe an initiative of interest to senior IS executives. The abstract submission deadline is May 23. Click here for more information.More

5 lessons CIOs should take from their peers at technology companies
Chief information officers at technology companies can have it tough. For one, IT operates as a group of technologists in a sea of technologists. Often the engineers in the traditional "business" functions think of themselves as doing more important work than that of the IT department, which leads to the conclusion IT and the CIO are really focused on more commoditized work; work that could be outsourced and little difference would be felt by the enterprise. These same "business" engineers may simply think that they can do the CIOs job better than the CIO can.More

CIOs: Choose your digital future
The Wall Street Journal
Does your company have a website? How about a smartphone or tablet app? Does the company have a Facebook page or Twitter handle? If you answered yes to any of these, then you probably have a digital strategy — you may even work in a digital business. But your company is still at risk. More

IT worker confidence remains strong
CIO Insight
IT employees are decidedly optimistic about their careers — as well as the future of their organizations, according to a new survey from Randstad Technologies. Their overall confidence is high, and they're more self-assured when it comes to finding a new job should they explore the open market. Fortunately for CIOs, however, most of them are planning to stay with their current employers. It would be inadvisable to get complacent, however, because their loyalties could shift as demand for IT skills grows. More

The CIO under assault
There is growing dissatisfaction with the performance of chief information officers, even among their own IT staff according to the findings of a recent survey of 807 business executives by McKinsey & Co. A full 28 percent of 337 IT execs surveyed say that replacing the IT leadership would improve IT performance at their company. This compares with only 13 percent of non-IT execs who believe this is the best way to improve IT performance. More

Leave the CIO alone
What's so bad about being a CIO? There seems to be a trend to come up with a title to replace "CIO" that encompasses the latest direction of the profession. Titles are reflecting an emphasis on big data, social networking and data analytics. This doesn't happen with other titles.More

Chief digital officer: Where CIO and CMO meet
Marketing and IT don't need to conflict. Extreme Networks CMO explains how the two can leverage each other's strengths to build a better digital business.More

Healthcare CIO work keeps expanding
Healthcare IT News
Health care CIOs report their workload is growing in both scope and complexity, and there seems to be no end in sight. This is according to a new report from nationwide health care executive search firm SSi-SEARCH. "Looking back, health care CIOs indicated their workload since HITECH had increased 25 to 50 percent since HITECH," according to the white paper Healthcare's Million Dollar Man. "Looking ahead, most CIOs said the complexity would only continue to increase — significantly."More

The 3 attitudes of a disciplined IT department
CIO Insight
To be trusted, IT organizations should focus on the customer experience, communicate proactively and effectively, and choose adaptability over rigor. More

4 steps to effective performance management
By D. Albert Brannen
Getting the most out of employees has always challenged employers. It is particularly difficult in today's highly-regulated business environment with increased global competition and changing employee attitudes. Performance management is not just about dealing with the poor performers. Instead, as explained in the following paragraphs, it is a more holistic process that begins with getting the right people, setting employee expectations, coaching employees and ultimately dismissing the poor performers or employees who do not fit the organization.More

3 trends driving big data breakthroughs: A CIO's view
GE Water & Power CIO says data blending, scalable storage and processing, and a maturing Internet of things are shaping big data progress. GE Water & Power has been monitoring its industrial turbines and predicting maintenance and part-replacement needs for nearly 10 years. But three changes in recent years have really enabled this $28 billion unit of GE to up its game, according to CIO Jim Fowler.More